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mayhock 289w ago
The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity.

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creating more happy memories 💙 #thankful
nakikiupo lang po ang lola nyo! 😬😂 happy weekend everyone! #2daysOff #thankful #iloveuae #uaelife
nilagang babskie for dinner! 🍴😋
PF Chang's Orange Peel Chicken is so perf and delish! 💙 #pfchangs
brunch for today!! 🍴
dilis + fried egg + beefsteak = happiness! 😋

happy weekend everyone! 💙
santol my love 💙

salamat sa mga pasalubong from pinas ate V... most especially sa santol my love.. so thoughtful of you! 😘 #favorite
kuan ba.. kanang.. yung feeling gani na.. kakababa mo lang ng office mo.. unya lakad konte.. tanaw mo na ang bahay nyo! sarap diba!! YEHEY!!!!! WEEKEND MODE ON! 💙 #SarapNgBuhay #NoTraffic #LakadLang #2daysOFF #thankful 🙏🏻
me singing... "Two Less Lonely People in the World " 🎤 sorry! i just really wanna sing! 🙈😂 #kitakita #videoke #karaoke #weekendvibes
yesterday's #ootd 🙈
going to work 😂
with my 5-year-old black vest 😁
mayhock 10w ago
I will never listen the "Two Less Lonely People in the World" song, the same way ever again... 💙 tulo-luha na while listening.. 😭 #KitaKita
mayhock 11w ago
Dear Love Handles, i am sorry... but this is my favorite! 🙈😂 #cinnabon
mayhock 11w ago
uh oh!!! 😬😂 Expectation VS Reality ✌🏻️😆 #RepostOnly
mayhock 13w ago
happy weekend everyone! 💕
mayhock 13w ago
did you tap to play the video?! ✌🏻️😂