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Just a godfather holding his goddaughter
It's been one year and I still get a little sad. I miss you, Papa.
Ramen is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
raym0ndzz 104w ago
Happiness comes in different shapes and sizes
raym0ndzz 110w ago
Happy 21st Birthday to this tall ass guy who happens to be my brother. You can be weird and you can be annoying but I dont care. You are the only brother I want. #turnuptime #21stbirthday #itsabouttogodown
raym0ndzz 129w ago
Its crazy how we all started off as strangers but because of APSA, you guys have become my closest friends. Thenks for making my first year in APSA so memorable . #yalldarealMVPs #$layer$quad #thedalagamovement #APSAbanquet2k15
raym0ndzz 143w ago
Nothing like SDSU Basketball to start off Spring 2015
raym0ndzz 198w ago
I didn't know this was a new way to write Raymond