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Made it to the exhibit. Shelley's high school pocket diary is on display, showing his notes on plans to skip class. His kind-of college thesis is on display. Funny, because I almost wrote my own thesis on him. Opted to write on Shelley's friend, Byron, instead.

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So excited to spend 2017 and beyond with this person. I love @sarahrienhoff and we're getting married!
Real live bleeding fingers and broken guitar strings. Forgot how much I love Lucinda Williams. Tonight at the @beacontheatre
Hard to pick out: but this is a portion of a group of 25-30 Kurdish fighters who slipped from Turkey into Syria as fighting raged just inside the Syria line. The fighters rushed across the battlefield, with comrades dug in at frame left, and ISIS firing from frame right. They appeared to make it safely to cover inside a far olive grove. More tonight, on @nbcnightlynews from @richardengelnbc
Kurds atop a hill on the Turkey-Syrian border, as they watch a battle unfold across the valley in Syria. The crowd chants in favor of the Syrian Kurdish YPG, militia fighters defending the city of Kobani from an ISIS advance. Karacakoy, Turkey, along the Syrian border. More tonight on @nbcnightlynews from @richardengelnbc
This man, a Syrian Kurd, tells @richardengelnbc that he escaped an ISIS advance on his town near the northern Syrian city of Kobani, slipping into Turkey as part of a wave of refugees last week. ISIS brutality has sent tens of thousands of Kurds fleeing into Turkey. “Mostly they just cut our heads off,” the man said. Tonight, on @nbcnightlynews -- a report from @richardengelnbc on the desperation at the Turkish border, and a fierce desire among Kurds to help Americans fight ISIS.
Ahmed is home after an afternoon ride. He and family are living at a house in rural southern Turkey after leaving Syria a week ago.
Ahmed managed to escape northern Syria riding his prized motorcycle. He's leading us to an apartment where he's staying with family in southern Turkey. He spends his days riding to refugee camps to check in with friends and gather news about his home, Kobani, which is under siege by ISIS fighters.
Refugees from northern Syria have packed a local park in the Turkish city of Suruc, near the Syrian border. This woman tucks her infant nephew in for a nap as the boy's mother sweeps the family's sleeping area.
One more from that hilltop in southern Turkey. Kurdish men, many of them refugees, look across the valley into Syria, where Kurdish fighters were exchanging fire with ISIS forces near the city of Kobani. Fighting in the area has since last week sent more than 100-thousand people fleeing into Turkey.
Turkish troop carrier stationed at the Syria line, in southern Turkey. Just beyond the troop carrier is Syria, and along the ridge line there was sporadic fighting. Locals said Syrian Kurdish forces positioned on the hill were firing down at ISIS-held positions to the southwest, to the right of the frame and just inside Syria from the Turkish border.
Kurds, many of them Syrian refugees, atop a hill in Turkey looking into Syria. Locals say to the southwest is ISIS territory.
Walk through Lurie Garden. Weekend in Chicago.
Morning walk. Small reservoirs lined this road, some of them empty near summer's end.
Reservoir lining the road above the sea. Spain.