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Spend time with the real ones.
The raw ones with dream dripping from their bones like wild honey.
- April Green

Was so incredible getting the camera out in the rain! Overcast/rain conditions have always been my favorite time to shoot.
We heard this guy from a while away as @bharat_popli and myself (more him) were shaking in our boots trying to figure out what we were up against. As we got closer and closer it felt like it was right above our heads and over flowing with the recent rains. Then it revealed itself to us in the last moment, freezing both of us.
Do you ever pause to realise how badly you will miss the moment you are in, where the present is the only thing you have.

Cheers for the photo @bharat_popli 😂
My photography journey started in these woods at Papamoa hills Neely 5 years ago. Many of my initial experimental fine art images were bought to light in these woods. I went back to visit a few weeks ago only to find out there was nothing there..."everything was chopped down because of the weeds, and replanting them with natives..." Oh yeah just casually decide for mother nature herself