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  Posted: Mar 28, 2012 2:01 PM FEED
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The moment when you really want to sing but realize you're holding the microphone only for a public speaking 🙊
Alhamdulillah. Earned another valueble experience. Yesterday's talkshow was great & feel so honored for standing there in front of the auditorium. Personally not highlighting of who I am there, but more on who I met there, the people (new friends sure!), the ambience, the energy, the inspiration. Sharing session is everything I do love since a long time (that's why I have #LetsShare #LetsDiscuss spamming your insta story too), so does what it happens on the talkshow, we were having a very warm sharing session & learned from one another. Berbagi adalah segalanya. As a human being, we can share many things, selagi kita bisa, mampu & niat melakukan hal tersebut.

Highest appreciation to @fakultassastra_uki & @apriliagrace_ for making ASEAN WEEK 2017 incredible, thank you so much! We'll never stop learning & sharing :)) #dutamudaasean2017 #neverstoplearning #upgradingasalways
Will speak & share thoughts of mine and two other finalists, represent Duta Muda ASEAN Indonesia 2017 on a Talkshow Interactive as the part of ASEAN WEEK 2017 at Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Jakarta. Let's have a real-fun discussion there with us. See you tomorrow, ASEAN People! 🙋 #dutamudaaseanindonesia2017 #neverstoplearning
Posted: Oct 15, 2017 11:10 PM
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If I'm gone in the middle of crowd, just find me in this kinda place.
Posted: Oct 14, 2017 1:01 PM
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Sometimes it's not all about the result, but how you struggling for it, how you dare to wait for it. Universe might push you down with a failure or mistake, but not yourself, not your power, not your dream & passion. Increase a self-introspection. Just keep doing your best in everything. #neverstoplearning
So happy to got this precious chance! Chosen to be one of the semifinalist. Thank you so much to the honorable judges; Kak @nesiaardi, Kak @haikalbaron, Kak @ardidi777 & @bigharmonie! See you on Semifinal of Pejaten Talent Time Pop Star 2017 this Sunday, all! 🎤🎙🤗 #neverstoplearning #singingeverywhere #invisiblesinger
Thank you Queen, for bringing this family traveled the world & dat lucky lil girl fly abroad with u while she's still 4 months baby. She's ur daughter. #747queenoftheskies #aviationfam #canadians
It's always feels good to participating in something. Refreshments of knowledge, the curiosity hypes to know what's the current issues that used to be concern about in this nations, met new people who care a lot regarding the Marine Biodiversity Conservation (dulu pengen banget mendalami ilmu Oseanografi, terus lulus kerja di LIPI - Oseanografi🙈 too much dream but setidaknya bs contribute dgn menjaga lingkungan laut tercinta tentunya🌊❤), then met this talented musician @calvinjeremy "yes I do enjoy your song, man! keep doing a great one!" 🎙🎶 and last but not least... unexpected meeting with my MUN-UI mates while in high school @rroivy 😆 where we actually just followed each others few days ago before we met each other. It's been 6 years & you grew up so beautiful ❤
Seeing that experiences, I always believe that nothing comes waste if you willing to know a thing. There are many events held by many NGO's, communities, to increase awareness of any issues. Trust me it's not late yet to start a thing even in a little act. #2030NOW #SDGs #UNDP #youth #neverstoplearning
Korea-ASEAN Cinema Week was a part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN and the ASEAN-ROK Culture Exchange Year 2017 🇰🇷🇮🇩
As a communication graduates who specifically learn about international communication, this event could be one of the example about cultural even soft diplomacy, where international communication can affect both countries, by held several activities of two or more countries. In another field of knowledge, cultural diplomacy still counted as the efficient way to influence people to synergizes each others. Appreciate the representatives to make this come along! 👏 Go follow @dutamudaasean2017 for another event updates related with ASEAN around Indonesia ❤ #dutamudaasean2017
Posted: Oct 3, 2017 4:39 PM
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October 3 ✈
A loveliest yet sexiest date in every single year. Living this world for 24 years makes me wondering about what I've done so far. Not only to enjoy it, moreover to see life as the fields of experience & enhance it for sure. Thank God for many life lesson-learned closely to this mature age. Thanking all for the kindness sweet words wishes too ❤ #beyondblessed #librarian #neverstoplearning #goodlife
A precious 60 minutes conversation with Mbak Dessy. Thank you for being the best secretary for Dad on his last position. It's like everything returned to a memories, you mean a world to me & my family for sure 💙 #dadsteam #airtransport #aviationfam
Afternoon airport view never fails me. Credits to San San, to let this aviation enthusiast requested him the airport view. Domo Arigato Gozaimatsu @mikhsanb 🎌👧🛫 #aviationgeek
Posted: Sep 14, 2017 7:24 AM
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"In manner, in character, in style, in all things. Simplicity is the glory of leadership" #longfellow #LB

Dari salah sebuah halaman dr sekian buku terbaik yg ada di toko buku kesayangan, disisipkan kalimat 'sakti' yg mengingatkan kita bagaimana bersikap dalam keseharian dgn kesederhanaan. We're all leaders on our own way, with every simplicity we had ✨
Still can't hide the feelings of how glad & proud I am to accompany you 'till the day where everyone always waiting for. It's not the end, but, surely, it's the beginning of what people call it as a real thug/jungle of life. Dealing to conquer the world with each dreams we had, will we? ❤

Tagging also our others support system, thank you @noviesetiono @mashudataufiqi @queendienda @missaiira @aariieeff @kiki_mintorogo @kunmuhammad_ @fachryry @fachrezamp @bondandewabrata & many others! 🌼🌻
Nice weather with a calmness-darky-sunset sky above. How can I ever move on with this beauty? ⛅❄ #explorebatu #bebacksoon
Enhorabuena por tu graduación 🎓 Estoy muy orgulloso de la prueba de que siempre lo intentas :) #teamo❤️ #lovableprovocativeteamwork