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mattysav 290w ago
New best friend !!!! Homeboy !

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Not often I post an action shot, but when I do I'm faking it. Thanks @ksubi x @travisscott 🔥
How fuckin good, heavy tequila pour in my takeaway margarita 🤙🏽
Ask for a bagel and I get a pound of meat. Just look at that thing, I asked for chicken and salad #usa
5mins after I finish playing Julie Bishop asks for a photo with the dj 😂 pretty impressed with myself for recognising her, needless to say we didn't have much in common apart from our shared great taste in music. Forgot to ask her but I hope she's voting YES !!!!! 🌈 #auspolitics
Next best thing to your toy poodle is someone else's toy poodle 🐩
3 things people. 1) too much dollar slice is not good for you 2) same goes with tequila 3) I don't give a fuck. Thanks for the hookup @ksubi I'm glad to be back 🖕🏽
Good to see my boy @isaaclikes_ takes just as much pride in whites day at the laundromat as I do
My last photo sucked, but how's the fuckin rooftop on this bad boy #home
Happy bday to this one for yesterday. You da best 💘
Who needs a fridge door anyways ???? @_mattyb
Happy Mardi Gras 😘😘😘