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  Posted: Mar 27, 2012 4:52 PM FEED
2 Sierra
{pastels today} #ootd

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{just landed in my beautiful home away from home today... Hawaii! ☀️🏖aka my happy place🤗 🌊screw the tan... it's the place where I catch up on sleep, dive into oceans and acai bowls, and watch the most beautiful sunsets 🌅 where's your happy place?} #hawaiilife #islandgirl
{frolicking in San Francisco has never been so chic! 💃🏼 shop this polka dot midi through the link in my profile or rent it for your next event with @renttherunway } #bayareablogger #sanfranciscostyle #myRTR
#ad {Trick or Treat Yo’Self 🎃👻 this year instead of candy I should give out vegan and #crueltyfree @eosproducts Crystal lip balm instead… 💄🤗the moms would love me right? Super soft lips and sweeter-than-candy packaging make for an extra special treat! 🍭🍬} #theFutureisCrystalClear #NaturalBeauty
{he may be 3000 miles away, but that can't keep us apart ❤️happy anniversary to my better half 😘} #stefandjeff2015
{finally had a productive Monday! I wrote 3 blog posts, went to barre and caught up on emails 💻 while tomorrow is looking even busier than today- I'm glad I can check a few things off my list ✔️ what did you check off your list today?}
{I've got a lovely bunch of coconut... products that I've been trying lately to quench my dry hair and skin 🌴 I use everything from oils to lotions to shampoo, and the most recent addition is this coconut oil finishing spray for my hair from @OGX_Beauty 👊🏻 I used it for last nights wedding to add a touch of weightless shine to my curls and girl I'm luuhhvvinnggg the smell! 💁🏼 get into your local @RiteAid before the end of the month and snag 800 Plenti points with every $20 you spend on OGX products!} #PerfectFit #RiteAidBeauty #ad
{WORK IN PROGRESS ✂️ 192 dot skirt ⚫️⚫️⚫️} #StyleSafariSewing
{one day it's hot, one day it's cold... ☀️❄️do you LOVE or HATE this fickle fall weather?}
{skirt the rules 🖤in unexpected short skirt is perfect matched with a heavier fall top and ankle boots! Show those legs while you can 😉} #styletips #skirts
{one week ago I took this photo in Guerneville at a glamping campground (I know it's not super obvious 😬) ⛺️today I'm not sure whats left of that campground or the all of the places we saw on our 2 stay staycation up in Sonoma 🍷today's fires are devastating to the Napa and Sonoma counties that are our home away from home 🔥I can't help but think Mother Earth is punishing us for abusing her for years... let's all do our part to help her out this week: plant a tree, use a reusable water bottle, walk instead of drive, switch to non-toxic beauty products, hand wash your dishes, carry a reusable shopping bag... or suggest something below! What are the tiny changes you make to help Mother Earth out a tiny bit? Comment below with your suggestions ❤️and stay safe if you are in the Napa and Sonoma counties!} #napafires #sonomafire #earthlove #protectourplanet
{got the cutest new clutch for my birthday that's basically exactly what I would design if I could 💚forest green textured velvet, black and white graphic lining, structured box shape and luxe gold chain 👉🏻 so cute and affordable! Check out @isticlutch for more designs}
{32 years old and I'll wear a tutu if I want to 💃🏼🎉🎂thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes today... this is going to be a fun year! 😘😘special thanks to my husband for the breakfast in bed this morning 🍳🥓🛌and for my massage later today! 💆🏼you are the best! 😘😘shop my look through my profile link!} #32yearsyoung #hbdtome
{step up 👢every fall I rediscover my leather leggings and I wonder what I wore for the past 6 months 👉🏻don't wait another year, #treatyoself to a pair before another fall goes by! Link to shop these and a vegan option through the link in my profile!} #leatherleggings #falltrends
{it's hard to continue 'business as usual' this week when there are so many major issues at stake in the world 🙇🏼‍♀️🌎 sometimes I have a hard time pushing forward with what I do because it seems so insignificant in the scheme of life. I want to be able to make a difference, but I know that fashion and travel and beauty are such trivial things when comparing to human life. So today I would like to start a new conversation. Around my home we have had some internal debates about gun control and truthfully, I'm not that educated on this subject. I would love to hear your thoughts and whether you think increased gun laws would solve some of domestic violence issues or not. There is no right answer here and I really am open to understanding both sides: whether increased gun control is the solution or not, we have to change something. What is it that needs to change?} #tellme #guncontrol #weighin #makeachange
{Animal Instinct 🐆this blouse is the perfect combo of Peggy from Mad Men and Janice from Friends, #amiright ? 😂shop this affordable new piece through the link in my profile!} #fallstyle #leopardprint #stylefile
{Last night's project runway winner is today's chic shopping indulgence! 🛍I loved to see Margarita's asymmetrical shirt dress win on last nights @projectrunway episode - she's such a breath of fresh air on the show! Shop it now in select @jcpenney stores and} #ad #soworthit #projectrunway
{OOTD 😊awkward pose but I'm like heyyyy I want to fit my gold booties in the pic! 👋🏻} #denimondenim #sfblogger #realoutfitgram
{can't wait for the temperature to drop ❄️I like to save my warm weather for Hawaii trips, not for when I'm working from home overheating!} #fallstyle #myRTR