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Bucket list item, if you need one. Didn't know it was until I saw her in person.
If ya don know waa' gwan 'ear mi now! Dis Satahday we doin' big tings wit da Virgo massive. Big ups to all mi bredren who be bringing da good vibes and beautiful happy people. No forget dress lively and bring di party favors. Booyakasha!
Please join us tonight at the @honolulumuseum for the #hisk8films festival. From what curator @haolerotten has told me it's gonna be a good one. Doors open at 6PM. Tonight and tomorrow night are the only days that the film fest runs, so be sure you check out what #hawaiiskateboarding has been up to.
Please stop by tomorrow June 24th @apbskateshop at 5pm and hang with @numbers founders @erickoston and @guymariano while Eric serves up refreshments and maybe you can win some cool merchandise from Guy. Also check out all the latest gear that just arrived today instore and online soon. #NUMBERSedition #apbnumbers
Thanks Grandpa for all that you've done in my life and the many others you've helped in your near century on this earth. #proud #worldwar2vet #memorialday
@kuboshota the prince ascends to kingship accepting the skateboard hall of fame induction for his pops. 📷 @dlakastan #skateboardroyalty #hawaiiskateboarder #apb #skateboardhalloffame
Capitalism has a new website and it's lit af🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥* *website almost 92% there, we need someone to buy something to see if it works. #hawaiishopping #hawaiiskateboarding #apb #honolulu #worldwide #howdoyoushiptoantarctica #suckitamazon
Really @apple_computer_inc you couldn't have made the port so you can still use the mouse while it charges? #stevejobsisdead
Words can't describe the feelings of accomplishment from an escape like this one. Best birthday party ever! Happy 30th @hawyland
This smile and laugh combo is gonna be missed. @kuboshota go get um! Best of luck in da mainland. Hook um up @gone_clot @dannyhamaguchi @adridadrian @shmattty #APBLACREW
Sometimes the best beginnings don't always end the same. @hawyland rides it loose and off the rails and I wouldn't have it any other way. #youshouldseeitinslowmo #yourenotadummy #hetriedtocrawlupmyass
Sliding on out of 2016, on to the next one. Thanks goes to those that make things fun. 📷 @aaarrrooonnntod