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Wellllll this happened!!! We threw my sister an #engagement party disguised as a #birthday party... #shesaidyes 👏🏽🙌🏽❤️💍🥂 birthday or #engagement party? 🎂💍 #BOTH! @theryanpatrick welcome to the family! 👏🏽 Congrats seeeeeester @mscaptjack! 💍😭🙊🍾🥂DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT WAS TO KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT?!? And no, I'm not coming tomorrow, I'm here now (surprise #1, but it doesn't hold a candle compared to surprise #2💍). Thank you to @matthewarthurb and @mrsciotto for hosting the cast of @oregoncabaret and our families!
#abouttofaint #engaged #weddingsiloveweddingsdrinksallaround 🥂☠️ #sister #brotherinlaw #family #friends #surprise
Wellllll this happened!!! We threw my sister an #engagement party disguised as a #birthday party... she had NO IDEA #shesaidyes 👏🏽🙌🏽❤️💍🥂🎂 @theryanpatrick welcome to the family! 👏🏽 Congrats seeeeeester @mscaptjack! 💍😭🙊🍾🥂DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT WAS TO KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT?!? And no, I'm not coming tomorrow, I'm here now (surprise #1, but it doesn't hold a candle compared to surprise #2💍). Thank you to @matthewarthurb and Marcella for hosting the cast of @oregoncabaret and our families!
#abouttofaint #engaged #weddingsiloveweddingsdrinksallaround 🥂☠️ #sister #brotherinlaw #family #friends #surprise
#birthday or #engagement party? 🎂💍 #BOTH! @theryanpatrick welcome to the family! 👏🏽 Congrats seeeeeester @mscaptjack! 💍😭🙊🍾🥂DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HARD IT WAS TO KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT?!? And no, I'm not coming tomorrow, I'm here now (surprise #1, but it doesn't hold a candle compared to surprise #2💍). Thank you to @matthewarthurb and Marcella for hosting the cast of @oregoncabaret and our families!
#abouttofaint #engaged #weddingsiloveweddingsdrinksallaround 🥂☠️ #sister #brotherinlaw #family #friends #surprise
It was @mscaptjack's (my "little" seeeeester) birthday yesterday and I was so busy driving/not sleeping on the last (show) date of #my14dayincubusfilledvacay #round2 that I couldn't make an actual decent post about her birthday ON her actual #birfday... 🙊(Hey, don't judge me- she totally understands how important @incubusofficial is in my life😬😬😬). Better late than never. I blame it on my #Persian genes. It's like being programmed on #islandtime but exponentially worse when it comes to being on time (for everything😬🤣)! So without further ado--HAPPIEST OF SOLAR RETURNS to this talented, gorgeous, driven, compassionate, intelligent beam of light who I am privileged enough to call my #sister ❤️🎉🎂 I'll see you tomorrow! Driving down from Seattle to #Ashland now to see you shine on stage @oregoncabaret 💃🏻❤️ LOVE YOU and can't wait to see you! 📸: @theryanpatrick
Soooooo, this happened. 💁🏻🎧🤘🏽🎸 Still in complete awe of getting the opportunity to be on the risers during the @incubusofficial show three days ago after #volunteering with @the_myf and in #saltlakecity #utah with @homeslice_andy! WHAT AN HONOR it was to be among the first to try out @michaeleinziger's new technology/app @mixhalo_ which allows users to hear -exactly- what the band is hearing from the mix board (in ear) in real time during a show. So no matter where you are -- cheap lawn seats, in the pit, or up on stage, it sounds #betterthanfrontrow. We were completely immersed in studio-quality sound. What a game changer! Even the little things that would usually get lost through the cracks (or drowned out by the crowd noise) are picked up! Loved being able to clearly hear @vatoben and @michaeleinziger GET DOWN on the backup vocals and harmonies! What a #geniusidea Mikey! I hope #mixhalo is nothing but successful and grows! I am so #thankful to be selected to try and test it in its early stages! 🙏🏽 #hashtagblessed #blesst #amazing #incubus #incubus8 #8TOUR #livemusicischeaperthantherapy #livemusichealseverything 🤘🏽🎶 #my14dayincubusfilledvacay #round2
I haven't posted much lately about personal stuff... just cause I'm going through a lot of it, and it's really hard for me to talk about. But this time, I'd really appreciate some good vibes and support from you all on this issue. My little fur baby, Sephideh got diagnosed last week with cancer- a mast cell tumor in her muscle on her front right paw. The last two weeks have consisted of going back and forth to different doctors trying to find an answer/best treatment for her (at first they thought it was just a sprain or even just allergies to an insect bite on her leg, but after testing, it revealed its true nature). Four doctors and a week of tears and worry later, I'm sitting in a waiting room with sweaty palms and an upset stomach trying to stay strong and brave for her while she gets surgery. Because of the nature of mast cell tumors to spread aggressively, she's having her front leg amputated. It has been one of the hardest, stressful, and worrisome decisions made (EVER)... but the doctors and my family are all in agreement that it is the best route for success to treat this type of cancer as opposed to chemo and radiation (which would have awful side effects for her to face, and won't necessarily rid her of all the cancer). The staff, oncologist, and surgeon here have treated her and us with the absolute highest level of care, patience, understanding and compassion. I've seriously broken down and cried every damn time I hobble through the doors here, and they all have been so understanding, supportive, and compassionate. I can't speak more highly of everyone here that is helping with her treatment. Still, there are so many "what ifs" racing through my heart and mind at a million mph because of her age (~9 or 10) going through surgery and just hoping that it was the right decision for her wellbeing. Please keep this sweet little girl in your thoughts today and send her nothing but good energy. ❤🐶 #fuckcancer #mybestfriendhaspaws and is about to be #tripawd 💪🏽 #shecandoit #goodvibesonly #positivity #bestrong #maytheforcebewithyou #superdog #adoptdontshop #myfavoritebreedisrescued
Sweetest of all solar returns to this kindhearted human right here. There's not a word of praise that I haven't already said about @brandonboyd (ask my friends) but I wanted to celebrate him & show my appreciation for his being. His creativity & masterful artistry-whether written, sung, or painted is inspiring & healing. His mindfulness, awareness, activism, & compassion run deep & are admirable beyond words. I aspire to live my life with the same level of compassion, awareness, & inspiration w which he leads. 🙌🏽 This super well lit pic (😂) is from the #DesmondTutu #unity celebration when Incubus played a short set. @logkiluv & I waited around afterwards like true professional #fangirls to catch them & say thanks for playing. But of course, every time I get the privilege of being in his presence, I get the shakes & start to stutter incoherently like a 9 year old asking her schoolyard crush to marry her. So this time, after signing for a few people, he saw me again, stopped & tweaked his head as if to say "what's different?" & said "I like your cane, what happened?" ...all I could blurt out was "ugh, I haaate it" & I caught myself tearing up & noticing how negative I was sounding, so I stopped & told him I was self conscious/even ashamed sometimes (just tired of getting looks wobbling around). That's why I decorated the hell out of it until it became the cutely obnoxious #grannycane6000 that it is today. He gave me the biggest hug & took time to relate & empathize-even told me that HE once went through a period where he needed a cane! Reminded me that it was #justaphase. Moments like this stick in my head & heart & prove how down to earth & compassionate he is. He is always patient & kind with fans & for that I am truly grateful! #nicetoknowyou (literally)-Sorry not sorry for all of the @incubusofficial puns-can't help myself. So STOKED for their new single to debut tomorrow. I'll be even more stoked when I'm healed & can afford to have a repeat of #my14dayincubusfilledvacay for the #incubus2017 tour. WITHOUT the #grannycane6000 💪🏽! #positivity #livemusicischeaperthantherapy #fangirlingitsince1998 #happybirfday #41isthenew21 #41neverlookedsogood #likeafinewine
Happy 5 year #veganversary, whoop whoooo!🌱✌🏽️👵🏼 ...Here's wishing #peaceandlove to all! This year has been difficult between what I'm going through personally, health-wise, all the drama surrounding the division and hate that the ass-hat and his gang of goons that have been "chosen" 👈🏽😂 (#sorrynotsorry- don't get me started) are trying to spread, the overwhelming violence and brutality out in the world, and the sadness and shame on humanity lead by #bigoil that I feel from watching the peaceful unarmed #waterprotectors at #standingrock getting violently attacked and harassed while they are bravely standing their ground, protecting the health and future of their children and the earth (not to mention the fact that big news agencies aren't covering the atrocious behavior from the armed <US govt> resistance because of their ties to big oil)...😞ughhh #lesigh my heart and head hurt from thinking about it all ✨❤️✨but LONG rant/story short, I'm lying here after a long day, literally dizzy and spinning with pain, but also basking and glowing in the affirmation that it is indeed much healthier, desirable, and a better and much more positive alternative to be #thankfuleveryday and to keep making the world a better place--one please, thank you, smile, good deed, or ethical choice at a time-no matter how shitty the situation is. #maketheworldabetterplace #standforsomething #smallchangescanmakeabigdifference #noDAPL #manbelongstotheearththeearthdoesnotbelongtoman ✨❤️✨ #happythanksLIVING #nationaldayofmourning #indigenouspeoplesday #govegan #vegan #vegansofig #compassion #equality #earthlings #bethechange #friendsnotfood ❤️🦃🐖🐓🐮🐶🐬🐻🐸
It's #worldveganday & I was tagged by @smasherbrown to share #myveganstory 🌱#ifnotnowwhen has been my adopted & most useful mantra for a while. It challenges me to question if I could do better in all aspects of my life...& that the choice/action to make that change -whatever it may be- is up to me. IF NOT NOW, when? IF NOT YOU, who? It's been applied when I've found myself in a rut after a break up (get over him!), after battling depression (push through!), & getting my physical health back (fight for it!). I had been a vegetarian for 8 yrs (saw a truck full of pigs turn down a rd headed to a factory farm & made the connection that those pigs would never see sun again) before I finally had the guts to take the plunge & go vegan. I kept thinking, "I could NEVER give up cheese"-I'd read studies, did research, saw videos, & wanted "eventually" to go vegan. I was just full of excuses. Turning pt came as I was planning a Thanksgiving meal for my fam. For years I'd done a Tofurky separately, but this yr, I had the blessing in disguise of being on leave from work to take care of my mom for a period of time, so I FINALLY had time to really get down in the kitchen. My excuse for years for not moving from vegetarian to vegan was that I didn't have enough time (to cook/prepare foods for myself, do research, etc). & being vegetarian seemed like enough. I didn't have the luxury of using the excuse of lack of time anymore since at the time, I just took care of mom & cooked all day. It was time to make the switch-If not now, when? The answer was now & I was gonna show my family it was possible on the most daunting of all holidays. So on tofurky day 2011, I made it official-my first all vegan spread for my whole family to see! I got all of the usual questions...Yes-I get enough protein. No-I haven't wilted away/died yet. Learned how to defend myself pretty quickly after that. This year will mark 5 yrs🌱VEGAN🌱& my only regret is why I hadn't asked myself that question 10 yrs ago! There is a strong & growing vegan community full of wonderful people who make the connection. We live in such a way where compassion leads & we do the least amount harm w so many of our life choices.
Just me and the sound monitor engineer kickin it side stage on my private viewing area 😉 (aka the ADA ramp♿️) ...Sometimes having to walk with this damned cane has its perks.✨ 👵🏼🤘🏼✨ @portugaltheman ✨✨#PortugalTheMan #ModernJesus #LordsOfPortland #ItWasAllADream #DidThisReallyHappen #Thankful #PutOutPositivityGetBackGoodJuju #NeverGivingUp ✨💪🏽✨#LeHurt #WorthIt #BrightSide #Upside #SilverLining #Grannycane6000
Here we have Tim @veganfatkid in his natural element, quietly observing and stalking his prey trying to figure out the best way of attack. 🕵🏼🏃🏽For the record, #NoAnimalsWereHarmedInTheHuntingOfTheseBurritos 👈🏽👈🏽thanks to the #badhombres of @thevegantaqueria (((all the way down from the #yayarea ))) for bringing magic in the form of #authentic #vegan #mexican #taqueria GRUBBBB! Tacos, Pozole, Tamales, ohhhhh myyyy! 🌮🌯🌶🌱✨🔮✨ ...pure vegan #magic I tell youuuu! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Fantastic event for a great cause! @circlevfest 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #animalrights 🐷🐭🐬🐱🐰🐠🐶🐯🐔#circleV #vegan #Veganfoodshare #vegansofIG #mercyforanimals #BurritoMe #CarbsOnCarbsOnCarbs #DoYouEvenOrderAGripOfBurritosAndTamalesFromTheBayAreaToSplitWithYourFriendsBro? #Inception 😳🌯 #NotPicturedIsMyPurseofPozoleToGoLikeAPro #dontjudgeme, it's not easy carrying all of this madness with my #grannycane6000 👵🏼💪🏽
✨🌕✨ #moonbath #recharge #reconnect #fullmoon #energy #cycles #sage #crystals #positiveenergy #goodvibrations #goodjuju #hippyshit #excitingsaturdaynight ⚡️✨🙌🏽✨ I was in tears again earlier-frustrated with health issues and was carrying the weight of a heavy heart. Time for positive thinking and pushing through. 👊🏽💥 #thatssomepowerfulstuff
Because calories don't count (or stand a chance) on birthdays, right? All good, cause I'm pretty sure I earned it- had two (early😖) hours of PT to work on my balance (whyyyy did I schedule it today?) and now am basking in a sunny seat on the deck with my pup. Creating positive space & vibing off of good energy has been challenging this year. If you know me, you know my health issues & how much freedom & joy it has drawn out of me this past year--it's crazy how much I took for granted health-wise before my #grannycane6000 came into effect. There's so many lessons & takeaways to be learned from this period. Powering thru all of the negative 💩 that weighs me down & can feel like mountains standing directly in my path & instead focusing on positivity, growth & solutions. Learning to be happy & thankful for what I still do have & utilizing my potential to get better to the fullest every damn day. Luckily, for me, it's a temporary hurdle & is #justaphase. Not everyone can say that. I WILL keep healing. I WILL power through. I WILL be doing headstands & hikes in the Sierras again, damn it. Sure, there's a lot of room for me to feel down, stuck, & feel sorry for myself, but that won't help me change a single thing for the better (heck, I threw a pity party after today's challenging & discouraging PT session, then had a good cry, decided to pull up my bday britches, & try again tomorrow💪🏽)...But it's finding #peace & #positivity in moments like these...when the sun is shining, my head is full of song lyrics & memories close to my heart, & my pup starts being all stinkin adorable by eyeballing my #pumpkin #vegan #cinnamonrolls that just make me feel so freakin FULL of love & light that there's not even -ANY- room for negative thinking. #blockoutthebadjuju #goodvibesonly 🙅🏻...For the record, I totally shared-she licked the plate clean & now needs a bath...volunteers? Consider it a bday present 😉haha
#createpositivity #dontfocusonthenegative #bethankfulforwhatyouhave #bethankfulforyourhealth #noroomfornegativity #breakfastofchampions #itsthelittlethings #adoptdontshop #mybestfriendhaspaws #loveandlight #focus #thewarmth #32 #granny #whendoigetmyAARPcard? #solarreturn