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Hours of (quiet) fun with pipe cleaners & an empty yogurt container.
  • So you just give her pipe cleaners and the container with a hole?

  • Yeah. I poked holes in top of container (multiple) started with pipe cleaners in holes sticking out. At first she couldn't get them back in but now she can.

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While I showered, she used my bed as her stage- singing “I know what you did last summer” at the top of her lungs. On repeat. Thanks @shawnmendes
You know what makes my heart sing?
Making homework solutions (and writing lectures) using all the pencils the girls bring home in goody bags or from school.
Nothing makes statics better than a confetti pencil!
✏️ ✏️ ✏️
#academiclife #academicmama #professorlife #portraitofaworkingmom
“Mommy- can you put this picture I drew on Instagram?”
#6yearolddrawing (she told me the hashtag to use)
Movie night with Mr. Skeleton.
She's holding his hand while eating popcorn. It may be her first date.
Yesterday we lost our favorite golfer, philosopher, reader and Papa Bear. Thank you Frank for your constant love and support.
"Everyone say Cora!"
The cousins wasted no time introducing baby Cora to the crazy Doyle cousin way.
Adios heat. Escaped to the coast today and found some friends.
8.28.17 - First day in the Monkey Class! 🐒 🐒 .
(Kind of because she was there all summer but first day it's no longer the summer program and now regular preschool- whatever that means for 3-4 year olds. Monkey on Clare Bear)
Photos from our morning adventures in SF.
Highlight for the girls? Riding in a taxi.
Somehow these sweet cousins are racing toward age 4.
Happy Birthday Nina