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jernfer 290w ago
Speeding in the cab to Borgata! Excited to see Atlantic City for the first time!

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Feeling good and high on stoke, we decided to climb Cox Col a day earlier than we planned. @alexpollini had climbed Cox Col before, and I followed his lead as we scrambled and boulder hopped high into the sky up to 13,000 feet. When my heart would pound and my knees feel shaky, he says take a step and breathe if you have to, or take another route. It's alright, I'll be right here. He's amazing like that. The scary, the beautiful, the movement, the stillness. Invite it all in. More boulder hopping and three ice fields later, we made camp at our last night under Sierra starlight at Dade Lake. Bear Lakes Basin was unreal. Trying to bring this all to the everyday, feeling so small and grateful, I feel so alive.
This baby bird has flown out of her hiking coop!! 🐣4th time at Baldy, but first time solo. Was kinda nervous at first, missing my partner in crime @alexpollini as he's killin it on the other coast, but legs felt good putting in some nice miles with elevation, getting stoked for getting back into the backcountry!!
jernfer 11w ago
I'll jump, if you jump. Okayyyy!! 👅 Sweet times lazy river tubing down the Owens.
jernfer 15w ago
That spark inside of you. ✨⚡️✨ Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love. - Kahlil Gibran
From the way you wait at every turn on the trail, pour passion and dedication to your art and craft, this is so much of who you are, and you light up my world everyday. Happiest of birthdays to this amazing, spirited, and fiery creature.
jernfer 16w ago
Nature does not speak, but yet we hear. Hope you find all kinds of beauty in your day.
jernfer 17w ago
In between meetings and Friday traffic, from the DTLA Flower Market to the office on the westside, he brought my favorite pink peonies. Blown away, and so thankful to learn and grow with this incredible human being.
jernfer 18w ago
Be here now. Why is that so hard sometimes? We passed this father and his two sons at the water's edge. Laughing and being together, they seemed so in the moment. It's so easy to get caught up, thinking about the past, trying to predict the future, neither of which we can do anything about. I'm still working on not sweating the small stuff, breathing through the difficult, and take time to sit in the beauty and grace of now. Here's a few more moments that made me feel small, grateful, and amazed!! #bali #pandawanbeach #yoga
jernfer 24w ago
Excited for new adventures!! Don't forget to find the magic moment in your day. ✨💛⚡️✨#laxtobali #wanderlust
jernfer 29w ago
Poppies are some of my favorite flowers, and now that it's spring, there are big fields of fiery, native California Poppies in bloom. #antelopevalley
jernfer 36w ago
Last Friday night attending the DGA event panel of this year's documentary Oscar nominees. Discussing the art of meaningful storytelling, through documentary film making with this amazing guy. #dp #dga #stepandrepeat
jernfer 38w ago
LA joined DC, and the rest of the country and totally showed up. Maybe we are not here to change what is, but to give a voice to change what could be. Hellyeah to love more, hate less and power to the people!! #womensmarch 🤜🏼💥🤛🏼
jernfer 39w ago
Back in LA and ready to start the week, but left my heart in Bishop and the Eastern Sierra.
jernfer 41w ago
Follow your instincts. Ruled by the heart, or ruled by the head. Capturing the first sunset of the year yesterday, overlooking the city from a different view. #lucky #hopeful #excited
jernfer 50w ago
Opened and bagged and ready to go!! Excited to use these new bad boys!! Thanks boss!! @drillerbits #hufriedy #everedge 2.0