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chefdave 290w ago
Duroc tasting.smoked calcot purée,buttermilk+apple+paresienne.miatake

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Wanna see more? Please share and support the twins "start a YouTube channel" campaign 🖒🖒 We sincerely thank all who have blessed and donated so far, just over half way there (WHOOOAA LIVIN' ON A PRAYER...) PLEASE SHARE AND SUPPORT THEM!
Camden and Korvin have a #gofundme project. I am raising money to fund A DREAM the twins (Camden & Korvin) have had for over 3 years- THEIR OWN YouTube Channel. They have always loved creating  in different ways: mixed media, acting, using special effects apps to make movie trailers, and short video clips, etc. Well, the reason you haven't seen the "fruits of their labor" is because they've needed help getting them out to viewers who'd they love to share with. They don't need much but, to produce the quality of work they want viewers to see they need: an HD video camera, microphone, memory cards, editing software, and camera tripods. We have been approaching this process like we're starting a business so, we are well into our plans and now need the funding to buy the tools to MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE! Thank you for reading this and blessing our life-lessons, passion & efforts! LIve life at maximum effort! Please look for updates to their YouTube channel *IMPORTANT- WE'RE STILL LOOKING FOR A NAME OF THE CHANNEL, IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA, PLEASE SHARE WITH US AND BE PART OF OUR DREAM COMING TRUE!! THANK YOU!! Help spread the word!
In the zone tonight, lookin for the puck, well...i get it! Wait for it. #62 #hockeylife where is @patryan11 #oc #karma
Different species but very #exciter #depechemode inspired, "if you've been hiding from love..."
The day I am able to sell plated food that looks like a game controller from mine and my kids childhood... look out! I'd be out tha game after that son! #fooddreams #fusion #summer #inspiration #chefslife