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Yeah, me too Wesley. Me too.
It was really nice of Apple to name the new iPhone in honor of my 10 year anniversary with the company.
Honored that I got to walk my sister down the aisle today. Congratulations @g_leighh and @bpayne0112 #weddingofpayne2017
mr_luis 15w ago
Went to Tartine Bakery and bought a loaf. Going to wander SF while I eat this whole damn thing.
mr_luis 16w ago
Just to prove everyone wrong, Karcsi didn't kill me taking me mountain biking for the first time!
Thanks @dksun246 and @crimsonbrons !
mr_luis 21w ago
"Gonna keep on tryin' till I reach my higher ground"
mr_luis 22w ago
This is an iPod that my wife bought me for Christmas 11 years ago. I'm pretty sure she spelled my name wrong.
mr_luis 24w ago
I love this woman. Happy birthday wife
mr_luis 28w ago
This chick decided to build a nest in my backyard. I swear to god if I hear one tweet out of those little bastards when they hatch, I'm cutting the branch down.