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Thank you SLAP forum. My days are always brighter from your light.

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You want to talk about some real Homie shit... some tear the whole world up shit... I could not be more proud of @jamie_foy & @zionwright_ #wreckshop
At least someone is having a good night tonight.....
Sometimes I forget how little Leroy is. My best Buddy.
You can always tell when the Art Department has been hanging out in the warehouse at @dlxsf You are truly gifted @_helhound_ Sorry @icky_2_stars I guess there's always somebody better...
Couldn't be more proud of, and happy for @zionwright_ He's a juggernaut on his board! The new @realskateboards edit "By Any Means" is just the beginning. 🎥 by Master Lensmen @jeremymcnamara_ & @fulton7
This is somehow a metaphor illustrating the duality between Dog years & Skateboarder years..... I'll be at Zeitgeist, reeling 40 of them in.
Thanks for this @lazaro.reyes
You know you've truly made it when someone has a portrait of you commissioned... "The Leroy" Best birthday present ever from @cherylvis painted by @thompaintspets
Thanks for the ten dozen ginger snaps Mom.... I will consider sharing, but I make no promises.
The Cranberries changed man.... I'm all waiting for "Let it linger"....and they were all "Mandatory Suicide"... Whatever bro:...
Behold, one of the most noble subjects of Emporer Norton, along with Sir Mr. Thomas... Sir Leroy of 9th Street, pee'er on of planters, and eater of chimmens.