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The girls who make me a better version of me. Each of these amazing women (@gracieb2 not pictured) teach me so many different things about true friendship and sisterhood and having them by my side makes me one of the luckiest girls in the world. I love you guys with all my heart and soul. getting married. To having 60 of our closest friends and family join us in Mexico. To perfect weather despite three hurricanes and a massive earthquake surrounding us (prayers those effected). To a dress that looked great in photos but ultimately sabotaged my entire evening. To the many, many times my grandparents made it clear they were in attendance. And mostly, to the greatest man I was EVER somehow lucky enough to claim as my now husband. Cheers. Cheers. Cheers. 🥂
Oh, Sparkie, I sure love you with every ever loving being of my soul. **And no, it’s not the “honeymoon stage”. That shit was over long before the wedding....he’s just that freakin awesome :)
ATTENTION LADIES!! If you want flawless, attention to detail, NATURAL lashes you MUST SEE MY GIRL @esthetics_bykahla!!!! She’s amazing and I’m hooked and if you go see her you will find out why. Doooo ittttt!! #lashextensions #estheticsbykahla #thelittlethings
This, my friends, is proof of one of the many times my grandmother came to see me at my wedding. Joey was capturing me floating and noticed a rainbow coming from absolutely no where, no cloud, no rain....just randomly appeared as we were relaxing on our last day. Going through such an amazing experience and life changing event without her presence was very emotional and bittersweet but she did everything she could to let me know she was there the whole time. 🙏🏽💝
Marriage looks good on you when you’re married to such a beautiful soul like this handsome devil. I love you to the moon, Sparkie....thank you for proving to me everyday that unicorns are real! #myveryownunicorn #shitmanimlucky #myhusband
What it looks like when you’re trying to put a nice family photo together...
A friend, the very talented @adamgreencreative, edited our #trashthedress photos! Many of you may not know this, but these were not professional...just a little fun with @amandarose_realtor and an iPhone 📲💁🏼👰🏼🤵🏻 #hrhrivieramaya #hardrockwedding #venturaeverafter
Repost. Because sometimes “waiting up” is just too damn hard. #marriedlife #puppysnuggles
I haven’t done a corny tag line in a while so I’m gonna give a good ‘ol #wcw shoutout to this bitty. Despite the fact that the new iPhone 8 camera is freakin legit, she really is this beautiful...inside and out. @sammadowna without you in my life, I would be lost. You are the most selfless, kindhearted soul I’ve ever had the privilege of calling my friend. I love you boo!
This new iPhone 8 camera is slick boiiii! Also my new husband is actually that handsome....#nbd #thatweddingringtho
Hardest thing ever not cutting my hair for the wedding but man I could not wait! Another win for @virginiaplakas and Studio1622! I’ve been going to them for almost 7 years now and these girls are truly like family. If you need a stylist....they’ve got my vote! #mybitches #studio1622 #dathairdoe
If anyone needs a great photographer, I hear @amandarose_realtor is a beast. She might not be sober or wearing anything more than a swimsuit but I truly think it’s part of her appeal.... #trashthedress #wedoitourway #venturaeverafter