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  Posted: Mar 23, 2012 11:42 PM FEED
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prblog 1d ago
Taylor Swift? No. Marilyn Monroe? No. Rosemary Clooney? Yes! - #blinkcincinnati #artworks #mural #streetart
prblog 2d ago
Sugar Squares: Love seeing how iconic brands like @hersheycompany play with their visual identity to own a temporary space. #candy #nacsshow #logo #weareconvenience
prblog 3d ago
Mod Meets Italianate: #OTR is seeing brand new builds like this one now that it’s the hot spot. #architecture #lookup
prblog 5d ago
Systematic Error: This is a shot of Sean Van Praag's projection mapping of Memorial Hall during #blinkcincinnati this weekend. "Van Praag's animations will trick you into believing what you’re seeing is real." #art #streetart #blink
prblog 1w ago
Blink: So. Many. Layers to #BlinkCincinnati - Giving artists space to show off their talents and our city. 👍❤️👏👏👏
// The way they integrated the #murals is most appreciated and made it even richer in details. Hoping this #streetart is permanent. #blink
prblog 1w ago
"There beneath the blue, suburban skies." One of the things I like about where our HQ is located is how close it is to a metric ton of food and retail options. // Hence the above #Beatles reference as we're just North of the I-274 loop that helps define #Cincinnati - #sing_me_a_picture
prblog 1w ago
Box-3R: This is at least the third time I've captured these modular components at Riverview East. // This may be because all of the school buildings I frequented from grade school through college were probably built from the late 40s through the late 60s. // #cincitecture #architecture #modern
prblog 2w ago
In Flood We Trust: In addition to an amazing view of the #Ohio #River, St Rose church also hides this indicator of record floods in the #Cincinnati area since the 1800s. 1937 wins the prize at the top - 80 ft above sea level. #lookup
prblog 2w ago
The Shocking Monkey: "(Monkey) Wheels keep turning // (Monkey) Something's burning // (Monkey) Don't like it but I guess I'm learning -- #venthaven #ventriloquist #dummy #monkey #sing_me_a_picture
prblog 2w ago
Sea Oats: As we are full on Fall (finally), #vacation pics take on a more wistful tone. #beachgrass #sanddunes #goldenhour
prblog 2w ago
Lean Into It: GTD at dock 3 off Pete Rose Way. #concrete #bnw
prblog 3w ago
Track Suit: Leftover structures behind the Riverside Water Works pique my curiosity. #railroadtrack #end_of_track #rustlord_texturaunique
Posted: Sep 29, 2017 10:13 AM
4 Mayfair
prblog 3w ago
Scenario #3694: Reading/listening to a lot of sci-fi lately and I can tell you odd numbers tend to play a big role in helping tell a story in this genre. // Case in point, how else would I imagine a giant post-apocalyptic facility filled with numbered shipping containers. Survivors open up certain containers based on their current status/turn of events. // You assume the goal is to help them survive. Then you realize the containers aren't from earth.
// #shippingcontainer #3694 #sciencefiction #magichour
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 10:22 AM
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prblog 3w ago
Super Logo: As this trailer sits behind a Kohl's and the middle of this logo was obscured, I thought maybe SuperValu was no longer around. // Google kicks so much butt, I can't even begin to unpack how wrong I was. But I will note the company's roots go back to 1870, and was known as B.S. Bull and Company. Can you imagine that name in today's world?! // Indirectly related: H.E.B. stores (Here Everything's Better) was named after the founder, H.E. Butts. #truestory #typewithtexture #logo
prblog 3w ago
Big Box Jesus: Super churches are pretty impressive to me after more than 45 yrs of Catholicism. Their buildings are far from the only reason why. This one looks to be brand new and is in Loveland, off Union Cemetery Road. #church