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FaceTime with Grandma

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When your kids' pandora station plays the perfect theme song for your day!
Found this at the playground yesterday! One of my favorite things about Baton Rouge is our park system. Can't wait to try them all! Thank you @brec_parks for creating fun spaces for all ages.
Bedtime Blanket Ballet (aka "get out the last of your energy before lights out" dance party)
So true! Can't wait to get together with friends at Forever Night at 7pm tonight in the HPC Arena. See you there!
These songs, y'all. Go buy them. Listen to them on repeat. Feel your faith rise and the enemy tremble. Best way to start the day. Thank you @micahvbergeron @mikehaman @eltonvealsjr for the recommendations.
Our girls love seeing God's promise in the sky! #genesis913
We paused in carpool this morning to watch two students raise our flag at school. May we always have respect, honor and gratitude for this amazing privilege and freedom.
My heart smiles when I receive handwritten mail. I always want to live with enough margin in my life to exchange letters with friends. #slowdown #penpals #handwrittenletters #lifers
"What?! Did you forget to make the bed today??" Nope. This girl just woke up from a glorious TWO HOUR nap. I am SO THANKFUL to have my mom in town for the weekend. #gratefulforgrandparents
We celebrated Naomi's first birthday with a little pool party and (after the birthday girl) the MVP of the day was Eddy! Best decision ever to get a lifeguard for an extra set of eyes on our kiddos. Thank you @eddy_tru, @nanfontenot, and for keeping our babies safe in the water!
She doesn't officially start Kindergarten until Wednesday, but this girl couldn't wait to put on her uniform (and VBS slap bracelet)! #hpcback2school
It is likely I will eat this entire cobbler. #dessert #breakfast #lunch
Just finished this audio book. SO good for my season. Thank you @anniefdowns for your authenticity and vulnerability!
What a great night with @nickbalcombe (missing @klbalcombe). Such an amazing family. We love you guys!
When all your cookie sheets are packed in storage... because there isn't much a cast iron skillet can't do. #desertislandnecessity
Definitely going to miss this view.
Seasons of change are tough for me, so making my bed and enjoying coffee in the morning are two routines that keep me grounded no matter what's going on around me. #movingishard #nobigsecretsonlydailydisciplines
Purging before we move! Baton Rouge people: want any of these for life or a garage sale, before I bring to good will at noon?