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jmb629 11w ago
This album came out 25 yrs ago and for me it was like a the Beatles coming to America. There was no one before or after @therealmaryjblige, my first fave. And there was no one like her. A hip hop/soul singer/tomboy with the makeup like a glamour pinup, insane. #mjb25
jmb629 23w ago
Alfred Leslie's "Americans, Youngstown, Ohio" from Bruce Silverstein Gallery @ Frieze Art Fair New York 2017 #frieze #nyc🗽 #art🎨
jmb629 27w ago
"I didn't go nine months without Chardonnay for you to hate your job. Love, Mother" [email protected] 44th st. & 11th Ave. #nyc🗽
jmb629 31w ago
...Is that a phone booth? A "@whoopigoldberg being dragged down the street in Jumping Jack Flash" phone booth??!??!? #nyc🗽
jmb629 32w ago
The Armory Show 2017 Anita Quayyum Agha @ #armoryshow #art🎨 #nyc🗽
jmb629 32w ago
The Armory Show 2017 Carrie Mae Weems, All the Boys (Blocked 1) #armoryshow #art🎨 #nyc🗽