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  Posted: Jun 3, 2017 10:26 PM
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Finished my week earlier than I expected😩 BUT I am going to regroup and come back BETTER👊 실망스러운 경기내용으로 하루 일찍 시합을 끝내게 되었지만,에너지 충전 제대로 해서 좋은 모습으로 돌아오겠어요! #iwillbeback
  • You can do it

  • Fight back 💪🏻next week 👍🏻

  • jfuuz 5M ago

    Keep working and you'll soon be 1!!

  • That's my girl fighter it's OK!😀😀😀😀

  • We always support u~!!!!!

  • 화팅 씨스타.

  • Another win soon, and soon be world number 1, you're the best 😀🇰🇷🏌️‍♀️

  • Better tomorrow ~~ 오늘보다 나은 내일이~~

  • Keep at it So Yeon! Number 1 ranking is in sight! 👍👍 I am so confident that you can reach that goal! ☝☝ Your play has improved so much this past year! I remember watching you on TV when you first came to the LPGA and won your first major!! @1soyeonryu All of your fans across the world will be cheering for you!

  • Golf is hard So Yeon enjoy your weekend off. I enjoyed watching John Torode's Korean Food Tour maybe you will too. 🎌

  • 리프레시. 컴다운.

  • Feels !

  • You are the best

  • You're my favorite 😊

  • I was there. Shivering in the morning watching you. Your fantastic

  • Like the courses of life there always will be ups and downs in golf as well, dont be too hard on ur self and let ur self fly like a bird^^ 화이팅요!!! 류선수

  • Onwards and upwards the only way to be 😀🍷

  • 가서 응원해 드려야 하는데 좀 멀어요 유에스 오픈 때는 꼭 응원하러 갈께요

  • Shocking results today as well as for others. The nothing to lose played well. The more to gain did not. Perhaps course conditions or over thinking the shots. First round poor scoring hard to recover. Best Wishes and continued success.

  • 😢💪👍you will make it to the top

  • ㅇㅋ 변함없이 응원하겠습니다~~ 🏌🏌🏌💪💪💪

  • Everyone has a bad round/week. It's how you come back that defines you. You will be just fine next tournament. 😊😊😘

  • Yes that's the spirit. You go get'em So Yeon.

  • 이번기회에 연속컷통과 기록, 또 랭킹1위 도전! 이런 부담감 버리시고 새로운 마음으로 다시 시작하세요 한편으로는 편안한 마음으로 새롭게 다시 시작 하실수도 있을것입니다 늘 응원을 보내드립니다 유소연 화이팅!

  • It happens. You will be fine

  • Wow so sorry that we don't have a weekend date beautiful baby girl fighting all the best and good luck to the next tournaments rooting for you beautiful yesss

  • Great run...time for a restart

  • I believe you..😎

  • I know that you will! @1soyeonryu

  • 💪 🐼🐼🐼 Kimchi Power ✈ 🍷

  • 세계랭킹1위, 연속컷통과 신기록, 이런 것이 아니어도 유소연은 유소연입니다. 자체만으로도 팬들의 응원은 끊이지 않으니 부담보다는 좋은 일은 생길거라는 기대를 가지고 플레이 해주세요.

  • Fan ever, dear So Yeon 🌹 Enjoy your rest time 🔆💐

  • I be waiting for you

  • 힘힘!!

  • pkcjjp 5M ago

    So good, so strong

  • Fight on :)

  • Now you can enjoy a nice glass of Caymus 🍷find a good 📚 and some nice scenery 🌅reflect upon your great successes 👏🏦oh but don't think too much about anything. You can do that on Tuesday

  • Hey So Yeon I played the same course last August, your score was lower than mine lol. See you at the Open!

  • 으샤으샤. 💪💪💪

  • 소연아 화이팅!!! 차근차근 다시 하면 잘할꺼야!!!

  • 수년간 님의 팬이었는데 최근 실망스런 소식에 더 이상 님을 응원하지 않기로 했습니다. 정말 실망했고 화가 납니다.

  • 더 좋은 모습으로 만나요!! 힘내세요!!

  • ❤️

  • Stay strong and you will be winning soon!

  • 😢So long since last missed cut

  • nggy15 5M ago

    Just a small slip up So Yeon. Keep on grinding you have been playing so well!

  • Fighting 👍👍👍

  • We are all still rooting for you👍 Re-group, re-charge...still a tough stretch ahead. You got the game. Stay patient, stay the course. 💪🎯💪

  • Everyone has an off week @1soyeonryu , regroup and refocus, you will be just fine 😘❤️🏌🏿⛳️🙏

  • 짜슥

  • So funny. Can't stop laughing. You're strong 💪

  • 가끔은 쉬어가는 것도 좋습니다.마음 비우고 재충전하시길~^^

  • 국밥 한 그릇 사주고 싶네요.. 괜찮아요 괜찮아요

  • Yes you will. Best of luck SYR

  • Everyone has a bad day.

  • 걱정하지 마셔요. 늘 잘 할순 없고 쉬어간다 여기시면 되어요. 🙋🙏👊❤❤언제나 늘 응원할께요. 🙏🙏🙏

  • 힘내라힘 화이팅♡♡♡

  • guten morgen aus germany, frau So Yeon, queen aus südkorea ! ein schönes foto ! es ist nur ein spiel und es geht nicht auf leben und tod !! allso wieter viel gesundheit und erfolg ! meine hochachtung !!

  • "새로 출발해도됩니다 지금까지 잘해왔으니..다시한번 추스리고 마음을 가다금고.다시 출발하세요.." 아직 갈길이 멀어요!!

  • Yes, life provides many opportunities to bounce back and become stonger!

  • Keep Moving!!! Love your way!!!

  • That's good. Your fans are waiting for you :)

  • 힘내세요!! 언제나 응원합니다

  • Too good of a swing, Bay Course does not set up well for your game. See you in the last group in Canada

  • Never mind

  • 괜찮아요!!!^^ 응원합니다!!!💪👏👍

  • ofcyd 5M ago


  • Good luck for next week 🏌‍♀️💪😘

  • The best next week

  • 그럴수도 있죠^^ 맛있는거 많이 먹고 힘내요^^

  • dr1959 5M ago

    We still love you Soyeon Ryu. You have been playing great so don't let this one blip bring you down

  • Just chill glass of wine relax its only a game which you have highs and lows 🐼🐼🐼

  • Roll with it. You still have it. Relax and keep working hard!

  • rbpbix 5M ago

    Hang in there you will make it....

  • No big deal. You need some rest anyway.

  • That's the attitude

  • No need to get down ,layoff affecting your game, lets get re focused for the challenge ahead. Worlds#1 Ranking and USOpen. I will see you there

  • Yes, of course. you are the Best !

  • beyjyj 5M ago

    이럴때 응원을 갔어야 하는데...미안행 끝날때까지 끝난게 아니다!!! 뒤돌아 보지말고 핫팅!

  • Yep. Regroup and go get em.. Best wishes K

  • Not to worry. You are a great golfer and will come back even better.

  • that's right!

  • 라스홀에서 두순 모두어 감사 기도하는 아름다운 모습을 빨리 보고싶어요 ☆☆☆

  • 라스트홀에서 두손모아 감사 기도하는

  • 유소연선수골프 너무 시원시원해요👍🏻👍🏻

  • Great attitude mam...

  • Not easy to post after a disappointing result...that shows a lot of heart and character

  • Go girl!! Have a Cab Sav mid week and go for it. Let us know if any plans to come to Melbourne or Vanuatu. Andy

  • 너무 오래동안 잘했어요~잠쉬 쉬어갑시다 세계 1등 너무 일찍해도 더이상 할게 없잖아요 정상을 향해 달려갈때가 좋을 수도~^^

  • 함장님ᆢ힘 내요!! 당신은 혼자가 아니랍니다ᆢ^^

  • 역시 최고

  • iamwhu 4M ago

    #Attitude makes U an eternal #Winner

  • 추카합니다

  • This post and then your amazing play the next week is the reason I love your attitude, game and you ! 👊🏻 🏌🏻❤️👋🏻😊☝🏻

  • 👍

  • You will that's for sure!!! A fighter

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Early morning practice round🏌🏻‍♀️#nwachampionship
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So much fun playing this pro-am with these great guys👍👍👍@nwachampionship
User Image 1soyeonryu Posted: Jun 3, 2017 10:26 PM (UTC)
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Finished my week earlier than I expected😩 BUT I am going to regroup and come back BETTER👊 실망스러운 경기내용으로 하루 일찍 시합을 끝내게 되었지만,에너지 충전 제대로 해서 좋은 모습으로 돌아오겠어요! #iwillbeback
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Thank you @wheelsup8760 for make my trip so much easier😍 Thank you @kmchampionship for wonderful tournament this year again,thank you to fans and volunteers as well! 열심히 응원해주신 여러분들께 감사드립니다! 이제 다음주 시합장으로🛫 #thankyou
User Image 1soyeonryu Posted: May 17, 2017 12:22 AM (UTC)
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