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Bob the builder cuts a radius opening for the new staircase. #oniracom
The Shadowland Tikis begin to take over the #Oniracom conference room.
Beautiful new interior windows being framed up. Almost done! #oniracom
Great keynote speaker Kindra Hall teaches storytelling at the @vistageworldwideinc Executive Summit. #oniracom
Sayin’ goodbye... onto much grander #oniracom digs ‘n’ dreams.
Demoing @noahbarron’s wall to make way for genius newness. #oniracom
Next time they want to glue nasty carpet tiles to your beautiful hardware floors, call us. #oniracom
Framing just about done... next up electrical, drywall, mud, paint, molding and finish work! #oniracom
If you don’t know about the incredible disaster relief work done by @shelterboxusa, do humanity a favor and look into their organization, make a donation, or volunteer to help in areas of need.
These @themackyworld characters are ready for the big move...
Shout, shout, let it all out, indeed. I first learned about this song from a Weird Al polka. #TearsForFears
Thank you Marlo for these 10 magical years! I'm grateful to share with you all of life and death, successes and failures, snort laughs and tears. And we blink to our next 10 years...
Lana Del Ray at #sbbowl was an odd experience - one part Uma Thurman, one part June Carter, two parts Xanax.