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Day three of being on the coast 🤙🏽
A day in the city is always a great day 👌🏽
If you go to commonwealth and don't Instagram it did you even go?
GUYS! My best bud @sir_ulrich_von_lichtenstein helped make a human!! Wtf!?
Top right/bottom left: grad ceremony 1993
Top left/bottom right: grad ceremony 2017
Shoutout to Stan State for finally opening up the damn pool! 🎉🙏🏽😂
Celebrating a graduation and the start of the semester ✊🏽
Just thankful to be alive today 🕊
1st drink since summer 👌🏽
Conquered the Beast and earned that Trifecta for 2016 with the day one Tillys Homie #SpartanUp #Aroo
Breakfast of champions ✊🏽