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Love having this poster to hype me up everyday! Dylan bitches!!!!

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Ledge or drop or whatever it needs to be, this is a non-binary skate spot @tha_pope_of_dope demonstrates
A picture of me but also a picture of my bike. We’ve been together almost a year and she gets me to school every day. This was from a cool hike with Matt today.
A collection of “not quite” makes. They all count I think, but not quite what I was looking for.
It's almost a joke to put my clips in this edit next to Anderson's banger. @tha_pope_of_dope how do you do it!? I've never done a regular inward heelflip and my tailslides are suspect. This ledge is better than most skatepark ledges but it's in the streets so bonus points are awarded. #bolognabrothers
💀Selfie from the dentist today. Idk, thought I looked cute, might delete later. 💀
Posted this last week but IG hated on my song smh. Some tricks I've done on my skateboard.
I've been posting too much Connors stuff but I can't help it after a good session with @tha_pope_of_dope all I can do after a good session to mess around with the footage. This little ledge was there and I could've skated it forever it was so fun, I was very sad when it's owner took it home. If anyone ever plans on bringing any boxes or flat bars to Connors DM me first :)
Skated in this heat and got sunburned like a girl who passed out in an innertube at lake Havasu just to break my board, but man those frontside flips were feeling amazing. When they say it's not the destination it's the journey, sometimes a line is like that. The feeling of doing the first trick consistently and then using that to get a second or third trick. It was stupid hot and probably better to stay inside.
👍🏼👎🏼little morning session on a Sunday. Me and Josh pretty much had the whole park to ourselves.
Got my phone out to film some stuff at some lil spots we found driving around today. Love just messing around and seeing what I can get. Skateboarding is the best feeling and filming hard stuff can be stressful. Bring the fun!
A little girl next to me on the plane colored this photo of @_armandolerma_ kickflipping this classic set. love when the kids are hyped. Still issues left if anyone wants one. dm an addy and get a gift package.
ME MY GRANDFATHER AND MY MOTHER. COUPLE OF LEGENDS, you can't fake those smiles. We played shuffleboard well into the night. LOVE YOU BOTH. My heart is overflowing from Oregon. <333
More Connors with the brothers. The full assault on this tiny park continues. 📹: @menikmatt_e
CONNORS LEDGE WAS A GO. Stupid thicc fun. This ledge is dangerous but when the hype is calling you cannot slow the hype train. @tha_pope_of_dope Is such a legend and this ain't even the half of it. Plus this Max B song is so good I had to put footage to it immediately. Happy Monday Comrades!
This is the closest I've ever gotten to a street euro gap and it wasn't nearly as fun as the ones at parks. Lots of running to throw down and working hard to make it up. Bonus @themikepaek blunt fakie. Thanks for the trick idea @stelthheadwear sorry for stepping on toes look how bad I toe dragged!
@vincentmilou has a @transworldskate check out and it's AWESOME. I was skating a bank to curb around the corner when Vincent really started getting this wallride. It was torture to drag myself away from having fun to shoot this honestly amazing wallride. Little did I know @legallout was already shooting a much better version of the same photo! Follow him and see how much better his shot is. #willysworkshop
Forgot about this day messing around with my friends skating flat ground and Mark park. Nothing special but still gets me hyped! @menikmatt_e @tha_pope_of_dope