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Finally going through some snap shots from our recent outreach to Indonesia. The ladies in the SFM and Create staff were incredible teammates and I learned a ton from the director and producer. We all had a great time creating a story with God for his glory. (I'll try to find another snapshot or two of the trip)
What an amazing little girl. She has been so good while Daddy has been working hard for the School Of Communication's documentary video and presentation materials. Often she takes part in our worship and prayer times while also taking full advantage of our times at the beach.
Playing with my favorite model while Daddy took a little time to rest his ankle (it got swollen from all the walking the last two weeks) while we continue to work on the documentary for Anti-Human Trafficking here in Bali.
Esperanza patiently waiting while Daddy does an interview. I'm very impressed.
The view from an exterior third floor doorway of a many hundreds year old abandoned Gond castle in India.
Is this girl precious or what?! I still find myself wandering back to India in my thoughts and prayers. Remembering the simple smiles the kids handed out so freely. The Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpa's who made there homes our own to create and cultivate something special with a camera. I will forever be blessed by the goodness and joy they gave abundantly.
These two ladies greeted our film crew almost every day with a smile and tea. Always so welcoming with such a servants heart.
Little sister, Big brother, Family. Two of the countless many who changed my heart while in India.
Life is like a Ferris wheel. Sometimes you're up. Sometimes you're down. And what we choose to focus on is up to us.
Posted: May 18, 2016 2:44 PM
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My mother in law is here in Australia for the first time and we will be celebrating her 70th birthday tomorrow. She wants to have a sunset dinner on the beach for her birthday. So I'm posting this one in honor of her. Happy Birthday Mom!
Thank India for making me feel so welcome in your country. What a richly blessed experience I will cherish.
Landed safely in Bangkok. Half way home to our first family hugs in almost a month. 😍
We drove by this building almost every morning on our way to the village we shot the film. With the average daily wage only a couple dollars I found just about every building in desperate need of maintenance. If not total reconstruction. This is an elementary/primary school house. And it's going on 30 years old.
India Pictures

Still in a state of shock for all that my heart and mind witnessed in India the last month or so. These monkey's were hilarious. As we strolled -I say strolled because I've never driven so slow on a country road in my life- through the hills this legion of monkeys came out from under every rock, tree branch and bush one could imagine. They jumped on the hood of the car -while moving- and posed for pictures as if it was a daily routine. Anyway the shoot went well and we start the editing process for our film soon. I'll post more from my trip while taking this two day journey of flights and taxi rides to reunite with my amazing bride and kids.
Two of my teammates having some fun during down time between shooting scenes. It's been an amazing experience trying to make a movie in another country in a language you don't speak. Overall it's been amazing though.
Wife said my boy has been crying himself to sleep while I'm in India. Made me sad. Love you buddy. I look at you picture every night.