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  Posted: Mar 21, 2012 12:01 PM FEED
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{ foggy rock } ~ Out for a walk on one of the really foggy days/evenings lately. Love walking in the fog, even the mundane becomes slightly mysterious, full of possibility. I know I've been absent a lot lately and have not been keeping up with your feeds and comments, hope you are all doing well :)
  • Good morning. Love the soft tones. I wish I'm that early morning riser. Would love to have morning walks.

  • The mundane does become mysterious in the fog doesnt it? Hope you're well.

  • eelnej 5y ago

    looks like a nice place to sit. 😊

  • @samsamantha morning Sam. Actually, you are in luck, this one was 6.30 pm ;)

  • @tinaecu it does, leaves a lot to the imagination. Ta T, I'm surviving

  • @timbahwolf lakeshore and Kipling, south of Humber.

  • @eelnej hmm, good call. Didn't even cross my mind at the time, I'd just been sitting down by the lake and was heading back to the house

  • Love those walks too. Sending a hug

  • Great. Sick now though,. :( what have you been up to?

  • Looks like a great space to be out in - natural beauty to clear the head. It's 6am and I need one of those walks right now! Hope you are starting to feel a little better Torin. Always nice to see your pics and read your comments here : )

  • 6:30 is when I commute to work:/

  • @loula73 ta :). How've you been?

  • @natchaliti sucky! Get well soon. How's the trip to England? Worth it? (;

  • @chantal__ it is a nice little area, down near the lake and the yacht club, part of the lake trails that Toronto is building. Ta C :)

  • @samsamantha you commute to work at 6.30 in the evening? I was thinking you worked during the day for some reason.

  • Nope. Morning. Up at 5:30 out by 6:30.

  • It was a good trip. Wish it was longer though. You been working?

  • eelnej 5y ago

    Well, sitting down by the lake sounds even better. 😊

  • macnao 5y ago

    Nice size for sitting comfy.

  • eelnej 5y ago

    I'm going to sit on this rock and wait for you to come back to IG.

  • How are u torin, missing your poem! Hope all is well :)

  • How I've missed your work, my friend!

  • yoshee 5y ago

    Take care Tor🍸

  • I miss you. You odd creature.

  • Said in a different way. I notice that your never around anymore. Shame on you. Bad stalker.

  • Hope you are well.

  • @natchaliti 'Ello! :)

  • Hey yo!! How are you?

  • @eelnej been keeping that rock company? Hope it was comfy enough for you Jen

  • @angushoyin I'm ok overall, ta. You know what they say, every day above ground is a good day =)

  • @intolittlestars Nat! Haven't seen you in ages, missed ya as well. Hows school treating you?

  • @joshee Ta mate, how've you been keeping? Picketed yourself yet with the drink? ;)

  • @eggelue Ta C, you're right, I'm a horrible stalker, I guess I'll have to leave that bit for you ;) (missed you too oddball:)

  • @justindbaker Ta J. Staying alive 'n all. Hmm I'm sure there is a song there somewhere ;)

  • @samsamantha I'm trying to get into the habit of getting up early, hard when you really don't have to tho ;). How've you been?

  • @natchaliti a lot better, thanks. Yourself?

  • eelnej 5y ago

    Well, my butt is asleep, but I knew if I waited long enough you'd come back. 👌 😃

  • yoshee 5y ago

    😄good mörnïng Tor

  • Hi:) been well and busy Ty for asking. Checked out site. Amazing work!!! I'm hardly here but I am more active on Facebook.

  • You're back 😁

  • @eelnej I couldn't let your butt completely fall asleep on that rock, tho it was a nice view

  • @joshee evening mätë ;)

  • @samsamantha Facebook? What's that? ;). Glad to hear you've been busy, still cranking out your fantastic work I trust

  • @eggelue I couldn't leave you here to be the only strange one on IG, had to take my place alongside :)

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My (temporary) mate, the Bumblebee // Taken on a long walk on the first (unofficial) day of summer (springs over, it's had it's week here) with @mobilemorrigan
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18 Normal
{ “Life is sad, and life is a bust, all you can do is do what you must. You do what you must do, and you do it well.” — Bob Dylan, “Buckets of Rain” } /// The view out my window this morning, I think it's about minus a million outside (not a technical measurement;)
Posted: Dec 16, 2012 8:17 PM
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{ Mohawk! } /// This is what I look like after 22 hours on my feet working (straight) out of a 24 hour day // The shot is dark as I'd killed all the power to the house to do a lot of electrical work, and this is just as I was finishing around 6am, the hair full of fiberglass insulation and sawdust (drilling), covered in various other dusts and sweat (mmm sweat, girls line up around the block for a chance to lick that sweat off the bod… at least they would if that was on offer, I'm positive!;), where was I? // Oh yeah, yesterday was rather interesting, I was called pathetic by someone, which instead of upsetting me, was quite refreshing that someone would finally be that honest with me, sharing there opinion of me // Right or wrong (wrong;), it was quite a nice change // I was also calls godlike the same day, but that's a whole other story ;) // Mohawks are still cool, right? Right!? -- How's everyone been?
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{ His face looked to have been carved from rock, all hard planes and angles, expressionless. There were those cold blue eyes. So cold } - I know, you can't see my eyes, but work with me. I may be using you as guinea, er, sounding boards for a while ;)