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Roasting fig newtons/newmans was a hit, let's try a Slim Jim. #pincers #preway #plastichousing
Trying to take a quick nap but there's a #chickadee party happening outside my bedroom window. #birds #cantstopwontstop
Why yes, I AM having an affair and I WOULD like it to be catered! #breakfastinbed??
Here we go again! Rad red #prewayfireplace, available here now, coming to my Etsy shop soon.
In case you weren't aware, it's #summer in #Maine.
#Shetland. Yes, puffins!!! But a lot more. Rabbit holes straight out of storybook illustrations, and so many bunnies to go with them, ponies upon ponies, stellar cliffs and sweeping views, sheep that never stop chewing, a couple castles for good measure, fields of cottongrass, adorable seaside villages, all of the thistles, plenty of hills to walk, ferries to take, and sunsets well past 22:00. #ShetlandIslands #Scotland
Hotel residents "help yourself" bar. Just write it on the honesty sheet.❤️ #Scotland #trythatinthestates