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User Image kozanagram Posted: May 13, 2017 1:55 PM (UTC)
1 X-Pro II
Over the past couple days I've had the pleasure of hosting this man and getting to know him. He's doing the #americandiscoverytrail and walking from the coast of Delaware to the coast of California. So far he's walked over 1,200 miles! I was able to give him a place to sleep other than a tent, introduced him to #shylers BBQ, and cooked him a home cooked meal. He said I could put Chipotle out of business. ;) haha, good luck on the rest of your travels Jon! Proud of what you've accomplished so far and I have no doubt you'll crush this thing! πŸ’ͺ🏻 #couchsurfing #couchsurfingfriends #accomplishment #hikingadventures #goals #impressive #goodtimes #goodluck #notallwhowanderarelost
  • Bub, you are such a kind, sweet soul! Unlike your Dad! Lol I'm just kidding, Nick Sr.! You & Pam housed us more times than I can count! I love you all & miss everyone so much, we all had some great times & I hope some day we can all get together & have some more, until then, we have Facebook to keep in touch! 😘😘😘

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User Image kozanagram Posted: Mar 23, 2018 1:36 AM (UTC)
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#throwbackthursday to last year when I was chillin in my hammock at a nice little waterfall in the middle of Shawnee National Forest. Can't wait to go back. 😁 #wanderlust #travel #waterfall
User Image kozanagram Posted: Mar 22, 2018 11:09 PM (UTC)
4 Skyline
Testing out the new drone for the first time at the local park. Can't wait to use it when I go camping this weekend!! 😁 #dji #djimavicpro #dronestagram
User Image kozanagram Posted: Mar 22, 2018 12:12 AM (UTC)
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Yes, it's real. And yes, it's in the United States...Texas to be exact! You don't have to go to New Zealand to get a Middle-Earth experience. πŸ˜‰ #wanderlust #travelgram #middleearth
User Image kozanagram Posted: Mar 10, 2018 9:22 PM (UTC)
15 Skyline
When you're walking through the streets of Austin Texas for South by Southwest and run into JIM HALPERT!!! 😍😍 OMG this is the best day of my life! I cannot explain how happy this made me to meet him! The Office is my favorite show and Jim is my favorite character. LIFE=MADE. #jimhalpert #sxsw #theoffice #bestdayever
User Image kozanagram Posted: Mar 8, 2018 1:39 AM (UTC)
12 X-Pro II
Still the most impressive cave I've ever seen before. #marengo #cave #wanderlustwednesday
User Image kozanagram Posted: Mar 7, 2018 3:02 AM (UTC)
7 Skyline
Fun Fact: We have castles here in America, they're just served up a little differently. Like this one carved into the side of a cliff around 1100 AD that's located in Arizona. :) #travel #americanhistory #wanderlust #castle
User Image kozanagram Posted: Mar 6, 2018 1:34 AM (UTC)
4 Rise
The beautiful night sky at Big Bend. 😍 #stars #milkyway #travel
User Image kozanagram Posted: Mar 5, 2018 12:52 AM (UTC)
10 Sutro
Just emerging from the secret cave entrance nestled into the side of a cliff. The climb up there was so worth it. Absolutely stunning on the inside once you crawl through and practically untouched. Found graffiti from 1902 in there that looked like it was scratched in that very day. So cool to getting to experience it.
#caving #rockclimbing #wanderlust
User Image kozanagram Posted: Mar 4, 2018 1:57 AM (UTC)

4 Lark
Today has been an incredible day full of hiking, fishing, rock climbing, crawling through caves, and lastly, waterfall chasing. The waterfalls were particularly beautiful today with all of the recent rainfall here. 😍 #wanderlust #chasingwaterfalls
User Image kozanagram Posted: Mar 2, 2018 2:40 AM (UTC)
3 Lark
Still the most beautiful thing I have seen in the United States. #antelopecanyon #beautifuldestinations #travelgram
User Image kozanagram Posted: Feb 27, 2018 3:03 AM (UTC)
1 Ludwig
When you visit the awesome little German town of Fredericksburg and stumble upon an old truck that has been painted in Zebra stripes, antlers mounted on it, the bed turned into a picnic table with cup holders, and a metal chair mounted to the front grill you have to sit in it...then go and enjoy more German beer. 🍻 #besttruckever #bier #travel
User Image kozanagram Posted: Feb 26, 2018 2:36 AM (UTC)
3 Slumber
Just two days in Austin, TX got me like... #hipster #keepaustinweird #austin #classy
User Image kozanagram Posted: Feb 24, 2018 1:34 AM (UTC)
4 Skyline
Fascinating history behind this Jacal (small house) I'm chillin' in:

A man named Gilberto Luna raised a large family in this tiny thing in the middle of the desert. He made it out of rock, earth, plant fiber, and cacti. He irrigated the land and farmed with floodwater diverted from the nearby creek. Luna lived here until 1947 when he died at the age of 108! Super cool to get to see in person!

#history #wanderlust #tinyhome #travel
User Image kozanagram Posted: Feb 23, 2018 1:38 AM (UTC)
1 Skyline
When you literally feel on top of the world after reaching the tallest peak of the Davis Mountains and get 360 degree views from 8,379 feet up. β›°#kingofthemountain #oldbaldy #davismountains
User Image kozanagram Posted: Feb 22, 2018 12:58 AM (UTC)
7 X-Pro II
Because we couldn't resist. Haha, Joedy making me look white AF in this photo though. πŸ˜‚ #ineedtotan #flexcanyon #bigbend
User Image kozanagram Posted: Feb 21, 2018 5:55 PM (UTC)
2 Ludwig
Welcome to Texas! Where one day it can be shorts and tank top weather and the next full of freezing rain and a high of 35. #bipolarmuch #atleastwegota2hourdelay
User Image kozanagram Posted: Feb 21, 2018 1:42 AM (UTC)
10 Kelvin
When you get lucky enough to watch one of the most intense lightning storms from a distance to end your long weekend of camping. 🌩 #epic #lightning #natureporn
User Image kozanagram Posted: Feb 20, 2018 12:59 AM (UTC)
4 Normal
When you visit the hip little town of Marfa, TX and discover they have a teepee campground you can stay at with bonfires built into them while simultaneously being impressed with your iPhone 7's camera abilities at night. 😍 #nofilter #marfa #camping
User Image kozanagram Posted: Feb 18, 2018 11:59 PM (UTC)
4 Skyline
Just sitting in the middle of two countries on the Rio Grande. The wall to my left is Mexico and the wall to my right is the U.S. Big Bend is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life and I will 100% be back. #ithrewarockatmexicotoday #beautiful #bigbend
User Image kozanagram Posted: Feb 18, 2018 2:19 PM (UTC)
3 Kelvin
Good morning from Big Bend! Full day of hiking and hot springs ahead of us. #sundayfunday #sunrise #bigbend