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  Posted: Mar 20, 2012 1:25 AM
68 Amaro
#decim8nday | I always thought there was an app that cropped images like this but maybe I was thinking too hard .

For this image I took an #alfredinfrared #hipstamatic shot and ran it through #decim8 with the #fold4rap5 effect .

Next, I loaded the saved image into #filterstorm and added a dark vignette with a little falloff to give the feathered 3D feel. A second vignette was added with brightness all the way up and falloff set to ZERO to create the final circle crop .

The #amaro filter was added during post to cut the saturated reds and lighten the contrast slightly .

How many faces do you see in the final image? #iseefaces
  • Excellent work man!!

  • Fab result (as always!). Also, superretro has a round frame :)

  • nolpgh 5y ago


  • @dnorphoto Thanks David! Appreciate that! 👊

  • @sippinlattes Haha! Thanks B 😃 Superretro and I don't get along for some reason but now the puzzles solved! 😄 Thanks!

  • @evie_white sssssssss! 😜

  • @nolpgh Thanks Noelle! 😊

  • Oh so many! It almost looks like a Chinese plate. Beautiful--I could look at it 1,000 times and see something different each time!

  • @derblutenkat : very cool

  • Diptic can be used for round frames.

  • Well executed bro. Love the end results. Lemme get my 3d glasses out.

  • l3po3r 5y ago

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing your creative process!

  • Splendid Adam, well done! The image is very pleasing to the eyes and has a fragile quality.

  • Again, you are so generous to list your steps. A fine result!

  • You could you diptic + squaready to get the round frame...but I know you're having fun doin it on filterstorm 😜

  • Anyway, what does fall off means? I'm learning the term use in photo editing

  • @oscinesty Right?! I started flipping it around and was seeing human figures, bear faces, skulls with horns, etc etc. Thanks for validating the fact I'm not losing it 😄

  • @urbancurse Thanks man! Been feeling pretty free to experiment with some new stuff the past few days.

  • @cptpablo Hahaha! Thanks man! This only works with the old school blue/red flimsy's 😜

  • @watchfool Thanks bud. Don't think I could have summed it up as concisely or thoughtfully. I'm noticing you got a thing for that. Now please tell me you listed the apps on your "Waiting" image already 😉😄

  • @karenpercelle Thanks a bunch! And honestly, I find that the more I share the more I'm inspired 😊

  • @alipalooza Hey! Falloff is the "fade" of the vignette. How quickly it goes from solid color to nothing. The fallout for the black vignette here is noticeable, especially from the thumbnail image. But the fallout from the white vignette is so drastic (no fade) you might not even know it was applied as a vignette. 😃

  • Aweso

  • Erm, yeah. Like it a lot!

  • j.osh 5y ago

    Great job on the edit and detailed process info

  • I want dishes with this printed on them. :) you should make your own line of kitchenware, Adam! I'll be your first customer. 😉

  • One of these days I'll try decim8! 👍👍

  • nugz 5y ago

    This is so cool and so trippy ! I'm for it

  • azysko 5y ago

    Woe this is beyond cool! I see about six

  • Thanks for reminding me 😜. I'll take care of it right now.

  • Just amazing!

  • Fantastic!!!!!!!

  • Great!! 👏👏 yeah it took me ages to figure that our too, Adam! This is a gr8 result ;)

  • Thanks...well has always been helpful...

  • Great one !

  • You're incredible 👾

  • You amaze me every time adam!

  • Great work

  • @redblueox Thanks Troy!

  • @oscinesty Haha! Decim8d kitchenware. I can see the marketing campaign now. 😜

  • @n_cruz You should Nei! 😃

  • @azysko Thanks Alicia! Yes, that's just about how many I saw too 😄

  • @fredbandeira Big thanks Fred! Appreciate that! 👊

  • @bethblues Thanks Beth!

  • @iwife Thanks Rachel! I felt in the dark for while on that one 😉

  • @catharumi Thanks a bunch Cat! 😃

  • @awordwith_sam Haha! Thanks Sammie 😊 Just always trying to keep my mind on new stuff!

  • @marce2lo Big thanks bud! Appreciate the kind words! 👊👊

  • @deonizayus Thanks man! 👊

  • You know what's funny, I'm always wanting to smash dishes when I get pissed off. JJ's always telling me to go buy kitchenware at the dollar store so I can smash dishes when I need to. Decim8 Dishware would be PERFECT for me! 😉😁

  • Great edition !!! 😘😘 Love it !!!

  • @kattiab Hey thanks! 😃

  • 

  • Oh I missed this one, great creativity Adam! :)

  • @mary_li Thanks! 😃

  • @thehudson Thanks a lot man! Dabbling in something new you could say. 👍

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  • This is a fascinating and amazing image . I keep coming back to it. Great work . S.

  • @stevebpics Thanks man! This was the first time I fooled around with the pure white vignette. Really have become a fan of the fold4rap5 and XEXOX effects in the last big decim8 update too. 🍻

  • @derblutenkat .. It's really amazing.

  • nugz 5y ago

    Very trippy. I love it !

  • Thanks!

  • Stunning! Beautiful edit

  • @miss_elie Glad you liked it! 😃

  • Too many faces to count!!! Nice!!!

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