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I just wanna see some palm trees. Go away to try and shake this disease. We can live beside the ocean, leave the fire behind. Swim out past the breakers and watch the world die. -Everclear

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Got all that money but still rockin that retro garbagio.
Reason #116 Why My Girlfriend Is Awesome: Handwritten love note on my sandwich. 😍
I read that sharing your accomplishments help you to stick to your goals. So this is the longest I've gone without cigarettes. Some days there are no cravings. Most days are easy. Vaping rules.
The babe surprised me with an amazing gift and crossed an item off my bucket list - to see Air Supply LIVE!
Thanks babe! #sharingnewexperiences #TwoLessLonelyPeople #YoungLove
All this guy needs to be happy in his slice of paradise.
They made a movie about me. You might've seen it... It has balloons in it.

Thank you to those who greeted me with well wishes to mark the next decade of my existence. A bigger thank you to those who surprised me with an unforgettable memory of an awesome celebration of love and friendship. Ginormous congratulations to my family for having been able to handle me for 30 years. But the biggest mention is reserved for my loving and selfless girlfriend who put it all together. Every detail was perfect. The amount of effort and support showed me that I am indeed a lucky guy and am blessed to be loved by her, my friends, and my family. Best. Birthday. Ever.

These things will change your life. The best snack I've come across this summer!!
I love surprises. I love food. I love food surprises. Therefore, I love my gurlprend for sending me a little something at work.
Sucks for my coworkers cause I don't share.
My amazing girlfriend included a sweet surprise in the lunch she packed for me. Aiiiiiightttttttt
Saying goodbye to The Bay is never easy. Thanks friends/family, you never fail when it comes to showing me a good time. Til "Next Time".... #BayPlay2013 #YoloBrown
Tennis courts, soccer fields, yachts & The Bay. I must be back in Sausalito. #LandOfTheSauce #BayPlay2013