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Plants I'm propagating in this period.
From left to right: 2 pothos, 2 avocados and some pilea glaucophylla leftovers 😉.
All of them have at least one root 💚
After some pests problems, I'm proud to say that my basil and parsley are amazing, they taste perfect.
Never mind if they're not in perfect shape, I'm growing them by myself and it is a great satisfaction!
Memories from last Sunday, from the most crowded regatta of the world ❤️ #barcolana #barcolana49
Eyes up! ❤️🇮🇹 Spettacolo Frecce Tricolori, inaugurazione della Barcolana.

Nelle stories trovate un mini-live!
For more photos: @bi_explores 😉
Saying goodbye to yellow tomatoes, welcome back kale and quinoa! 🙈
Growing something from food leftovers is my favourite challenge.
After 4 attempts this is my first success with an #avocadopit
💪🏻never give up!
My attempt with mint has just failed.
So I'm germinating other basil seeds to fill the last housing.
Back from @eatalygram.
In 😍 with biodiversity.
I'm making some new friends and I've finally found some old friends (Oh I mean veggie friends 😂).
Back from today's walk at Vajont dam.
Every time is amazing!

Go to @bi_explores for more 💚
Sharing some love from the green corner 💚💚💚💪🏻
It's detox time!
This was our lunch yesterday 💪🏻🌈
On the right you can see my favourite risotto of this year with tumeric and yellow zucchini 💚💚💚
I'm so sorry for the bad styling and light, but unfortunately we're still fixing light problems in the kitchen.
Romantic juice is made by 🍎, purple cabbage and celery. It tastes very good.🌷