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@torinnabby what's wrong here? Beside that he looks awesome in his cowboy getup!
Shoot out to @sammuelnevarez he is designing my website and making Phil one of the logos!! Lol
Well guess what lucky duck is on his way to dland again!!! @nickprice89 @torinnabby n I'm at work :/
Aww I miss my Phil! He has been with @torinnabby having sleep overs n probably talking about boys n doing makeup n ugh! Lol
Phil!! He was left on my car Friday afternoon!! He is back!!
So I've been busy searching for Phil... I got this text a couple of days n I thought Phil was dead... But I have great news I'll post it later!! :))
Juan Jose has been keeping me company, while we are on the search for PHIL!! If you see him please contact me!!
Capturers sent me a picture.. They're drugging Phil with monster to get him to talk!!
I just got this sent to me!! Please don't hurt him!!
Help!! This was sent to me via Facebook!!!
Phil has been on my planes and I can count.... I wonder if he gets jet lagged?
Phil is going to get in trouble!!