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  Posted: Apr 29, 2017 12:08 PM FEED
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#tonightsgigsituation. @theaprilfamily record launch at #thepub in Tamworth. Great night with @katiebrianna and @aleyce opening the show. We're up next. And my little boy Joshua's guitar pick will star tonight!! @customguitarpicks

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#todaysworksituation tracking drums for two songs for The Backstick Agenda. @metrodrums winning again under the studio mics. 📷 by Tim Lane. #lovehzstudios #metrodrums
Donation number 116. Plasma today. I feel good. Healthy. Happy. Why wouldn’t I share that if I can? Also.. Big cookie in my future!! #giveblood #blooddonation #redcrossbloodau
Posted: Oct 15, 2017 10:58 PM
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Re branding my You Tube. My daughter @_elizacarp_ tells me that I need to get more subscribers, and I think she’s right!! I love the little music video world I’m making. Maybe you will too? Link in the bio.
I met this guy when I was about 17. He lived around the corner from me. We learned how to be in bands together. He taught me what it’s like to have, and be, a great male friend. For a long time we did hundreds of shows together and he sung harmonies on my first record. Then our paths went other ways, as paths do. But now I get to play with him every once in awhile and it’s beautiful. But, he bought this 1990 @officialgretsch #duojet brand new in 1991. 6 years later he sold it to me. And it’s been a staple of hundreds of records since. Tonight is the first time he’s played it in over 20 years. A perfect little full circle moment... @setupmyguitar #tonightsgigsituation #gretschguitars
#tonightsgigsituation I could make bass fill in gigs easy for myself, or I could look at it as an opportunity to push myself and practice something I need to be better at. Guess which one I chose tonight? #uprightbass #fenderrumble100 #fenderjazzbass #thebandits
Thanks to Cap News for the double whammy article/review in this months issue. Bonus points for putting me and Caswell between Linda Ronstadt and @grettaziller!! #carpentercaswell
Posted: Oct 7, 2017 10:54 PM
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Sunday morning lawn mowing soundtrack. After a really really heavy week, in every way, it’s nice to just let this almost perfect album wash over me as I clean up the backyard. This was my first album... A Xmas present in 1977 on cassette. It still astounds me. #lindaronstadt
Music healing by @old_crow_medicine_show. There’s lots to heal tonight. I haven’t felt this empty for a while...
Some good news on a pretty rough day. My first number one country single production, for @melanie_dyer on the #cmc and #kixcountry charts. Congratulations Mel! #lovehzstudios #recordproduction
#sundayfamilyadventures at the Bowral Food and Wine Festival. It’s a beautiful day to be out in the works!
With more than a hint of sadness I’ve just had my final play on my #yamaha9000recordingcustom kit. These drums, including the other toms in the set, have been in my life for almost 30 years. Literally thousands of gigs and sessions. But now they’re sold and it’s time for them to go. The new owner will be lucky to have you. It’s been an honour to have this kit largely define my professional drumming life for so long. #lovehzstudios #yamahadrums
#tonightsgigsituation. This hybrid setup is being trialled for the first time by me tonight. @fender bass vi split into clean bass and effected guitar amps. Trying to cover two roles tonight with @katiebrianna . Wish me luck!! #fenderbassvi #fenderrumble100 #fenderprojunior
Day two with our new friend @mark_harlor. A great new artist. Killer singer. Great songs. Great to hang with him and his brother Sean in here at #lovehzstudios. The @openplanrecording U87 clone V2 sounding perfect on Mark’s @gibson_guitars J29. #gibsonj29 #overdubbing
#todaysgigsituation at the always inspiring @lizottesnewcastle. The day I get blasé about this view is the day I need to hang up my trucker cap. Soundscheck sounded amazing. We just need people. I can’t wait!! @theweepingwillows on just after 1. #carpentercaswell on around 2.30pm...