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  • I have a pic of the same kid from Mardi grad!!

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Missing this magical city in the dust and all my friends and new friends who make it the time of lifetime every time 🔥 Found this video shot from the top deck of the #CosmicCruise featuring @beartopia @juicegelf @willburke4food @finnspin #burningman #treeoftenere
Team ❤❤❤ has left its mark on Europe! Thanks to the magic makers I'm lucky to call friends @geromev @luanntx @leansquare @lesardentes @walliforniamusictech @societeit.sexyland @cranehotelfaralda @moddevices @mikebassnola @dieselrockit @janneschra @littlekidwithlotsofenergy @tromboneshorty @katkanagyova @barthendrikx Gaetan, Tuhin, Arnaud, Gianfranco, Mauricio, The Meatballs and Fries of Belgium... My cup runneth over. Lets do it again next year shall we?? (Also special shout out to Greg and his kids who took the LOVE flag all over Europe!!)
The first ever @walliforniamusictech hackathon for @lesardentes was so much fun. Now time to see @tromboneshorty and co do their thing ⚜
Block parties are so important and fun. We need more of these in New Orleans / America / the whole world. Thanks to my neighbors on Touro Street for bringing us all together ❤⚜❤
My dad. The Hawk. Now permanently posted up at the Hawks Nest living the good life on the water. Everyone's coach, engineer of the year once for an artificial reef project, longtime professor and uno alumni of the year, the head of the playground booster club for 15 years, got two of my friends they first jobs as engineers, and now a paw paw three times over. Last fall he caught a fish every day for 68 days in a row. He still keeps the score for the new dad @wesleylaurendine games as a coach. My favorite dads. Very lucky to have them both in my life and thankful my brother made me his daughter's godfather :)
Amazing picture of my moms dad just came up. Felix. Our grandpa who would somehow always surprise us with tastee donuts on any special day. He was like the donut fairy in the best way possible. He took us crabbing and came to all of our games and always made time for us. I still don't know if he let me beat him in chess or if I really won but as a 9 year old I felt really great about that game. At the end of his life I think he was proud of me for starting to see the world outside of Metairie. Here he is as a young buck during WWII. We miss you Grandpa Felix!!
Love this shot of my dad's dad dancing at his high school reunion. Class of 41. Claiborne Willie. Our hero enjoying his life to the fullest. Paw paw, husband, father, bus driver, storyteller, radio host, and one of the people who helped integrate our city starting with his bus. He left the world better than he found it and he brought joy and fun to the humans who got to meet him. We miss you paw paw ⚜
When your friends initials are D.A.D. and you start a podcast/menswear line for badass dads called @boutdadlife #coonassdrinkingclub #boutdadlife
⚡️@libfestival⚡️was pretty stellar. These guys were doing it right. Plus it was a mini #lifeonmars2017 reunion. My highlight tho was that I got to meet my friends beautiful baby girl :)
Soulmates. Congrats @smokeandleather & @kerrisonblack on the most insanely fun wedding Mars has ever seen! What a way to cap off an epic romance for the ages ❤ True love is worth fighting for!! #lifeonmars2017
When you successfully hitchhike with a guy named Arkansas to a river party in Arizona