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🎶I'm so happy right now and there's nothing you can do to stop me🎶

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Grace McCarthy!! Let me write all of your letters of recommendation! Jed can just sign them for me! I have so many nice things to say about you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOREVER GRACE I love you more than you love 13 the musical
Convocation Class of 2018, prophecies were fulfilled, hearts were Breaking free, fucking meaningful. Thank you so much to all the people who made this show happen, I love it all gosh!
When the majority of the love you receive in the world fits into the Whitney museum's elevator
Shannon O'Neill, Connor Ratliff, and Sarah Battaglia's former math teacher!!
Only 2 days till I get to see your non pixelated image eat pasta and drink wine'!!! Happy February fourteenth!!
My aunt using her broken foot to remind me that being the aggressively passionate sibling is way cool
That one night Grace moisturized her face every 15 minutes also I think we almost died in a lap pool or something I can't remember whatever
2017 might be miserable but 2018 will be a full-fledged Beatles reunion tour
Super important time reconnecting with north shore long island and my absolute favorite part of Amelia's upper arm
Spent a day in an airport so I could see a high school production of drowsy chaperone and these super cool, grown up versions of the friends I've known since we were all very small!!
Happy birthday to my favorite pair of socks! What a spooky day dedicated to celebrating such such such a gallant boy!
Senior thesis proposals submitted!! Love my directors eternally