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Leaving upstate NY is bittersweet for me. I’m excited for the adventures ahead, but i am lucky to be part of such a rich community up here that I will miss so much. So many people have welcomed me with open arms- one of them being the incomparable Nhi Mundy, who has built a community and a movement up here, almost single-handedly (shoutout @themichaelmundy!), along with her magazine @dveightmag , which celebrates upstate life, and her restaurants @baandme and @emmaeatery.
Her advice- if you want to build a community, open three restaurants and start a magazine! While raising three kids! No big deal.... 💁

One of my greatest pleasures has been finding the best of our area for my column in DVEight. There are so many talented artisans, makers, chefs, etc and I thought I’d celebrate some of them here- some who were in my column, and some who weren’t (it’s hard sticking with a theme and limiting the best to 8 items!).
• • • •
@2queenshoney 🍯 🍵
@perfumeracurandera - the most exquisite natural perfumes.
@theoutlierinn - how i fell in ❤️ with this area.
@baandme - PHO season!🍲
@aaronburrcider- the champagne of ciders. truly special.
Tonjes Farm Dairy 🧀 (avail at my fave farmer’s mkt, @callicoonfarmersmarket)
Church of the Little Green Man- a mystical, eccentric, magical experience.
@witcheyhandmade Vampire Spray- helps with all little bloodsuckers and smells delicious. (avail at another fave, @mayerwasner 😘)
@penumbraobscura - the most beautiful artisan wallpaper
@coldspringapothecary - favorites include anything Black Pepper & Tobacco scented (!!!) and the Lavender Facial Creme
@nestcatskills - the most beautiful, chic, well-curated store.
Not pictured-
Brunch at @theheronny (the best), @thekaatskeller, @mariannarothen’s mesmerizing photos, @majesticfarmheritage pork 🐽, i could keep going forever.... 💘

Grey Wilden models the Mandy Coon leather/faux fur collar, and a baltic amber teething necklace. 💁🏼‍♂️
These bunny babies are going live in 20 minutes....
#samplesale #mandycoon ❤️🐰❤️
GUYS! We’ve sold a lot in our sample sale, but we’ve got some sizes/pieces left, so I’ve discounted everything (a lot) because- (drum roll) we’re MOVING. Soon!
Too soon. I’m freaking out. But anyways, back to the sale- EVERYTHING MUST GO.
There are some beautiful pieces. Take advantage of me not being able to hoard everything for the rest of my life.
I’m still adding things, so keep checking back if what you want isn’t there. And feel free to ask. (And yes, I will be adding a few bunny samples.) I’m going as fast as I can between purging (I mentioned the minor hoarding, right?) and packing and freaking out...
Photo @byruvan of the loveliest @raquel.nave
i believe we all want the same thing. we’re just using different words.
we want our children to be safe. we want our families to be safe. we don’t want our children to go through active shooter drills in our elementary schools. there’s a balance we can strike between personal freedom and public safety.
the majority of america wants this, from both parties.
let’s show our reps that the NRA doesn’t own us. contact your representative and tell them how you feel.
#commonsense #commonsensegunreform
'Non-Violence' by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. The original sculpture sits outside the United Nations headquarters in New York, and has been the symbol since 1993 of The Non-Violence Project. There are 15 other copies around the world. #nonviolence #commonsenseguncontrol #guncontrol #commonsensegunlaws
Repost @goodtroublemag
This magical human is now 18 months old. A year and a half of joy, discovery, and heart-expanding love. (Yes, I’m one of those people now, get used to it... 🖤)
Happy half-birthday to my favorite thoughtful, funny, sweet little human, Grey Wilden!
Every day with you is a delight.
"The end-of-summer winds make people restless."
Sebastian Faulks
welcoming Fall like... 🍂🍁🍂