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  Posted: Mar 16, 2012 11:21 PM FEED
8 Amaro
it's not everyday a girl like me sees #christianlouboutins in my size. I had to play for a while. would @gilgatch mind if i was 6'7?

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distance really does make the heart grow fonder. πŸ’œ @gilgatch is Home. ps: @instagram why are there lines in my photos?! #stopit #makeitgoaway
found this cleaning out a closet today. what a little cutie!! πŸ–€ @gilgatch
a few more from NASHVILLE... because I miss the hubs, our Airbnb, speakeasies, the bright lights & adjusting back to real life from even a short vacay is tough, let’s be honest. πŸ’™ #gatchesgotonashville
looking back on this weekend. πŸ–€ thankful for sweet friends, exploring new cities & tons of memory making. #gatchesgotonashville
just a little studying on the β€œfront porch” with his new friend Bunny. 🐈 #gatchesgotonashville #airbnbvibes #lawschoolneverstops #sockswithsandals
I mean, have you ever seen a first dance as perfect as this one?πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ» no, you haven’t. #perfection #gatchesgotonashville @baileybaldwin @kolbrinvitek
weddings are always a good reminder of the commitment you made yourself. they always seem to help put things back into perspective... allow you to remember that you’re in this together, you’re on the same team & that the other person matters more than you do. thankful for this guy & the way we were brought together those crazy seven years ago. πŸ’™ #gatchesgotonashville #weddingvibes
MARRIED!! & geez I’m feeling good, I only cried 3 times. 😭😭😭 #gatchesgotonashville @baileybaldwin @kolbrinvitek
happy wedding day @baileybaldwin! πŸ’• we love you big & are so dang excited to celebrate with y’all!