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great weekend seeing everyone at the #turnerwedding @kerrosive @grizzz87 @_travishill @sketch16 and a bonus pic leaked from the bach pard in whistler wth @darryl_boof taking a serious 5
the fam at the #turnerwedding last weekend, i was told i had great time.
ocean fishing a couple weeks ago with @mochevelly and @bryandodding before it turned into the deadliest catch without the crabs
happy birthday to my beautiful mother love you so much @snakefam @grrdaddy
maicy and b my niece and nephew
i love you so much bro words can't describe how much i will miss you, the definition of a beauty, i love you suthy
me and @turner173 when we were about 16 at midsummer festival very long ago.
very happy for @warrentcorfe and @sarahraphael you guys have come a long way, from smoking hash in my parents camper when we were kids to having your own haha. love you guys so much congrats
ran into a pack of wolves headed to camp today #winstonwolf
solid morning with @turner173 coho for me and coho for burnie