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User Image girlshbo Posted: Apr 2, 2017 1:51 PM (UTC)

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A new episode of #Girls airs tonight at 10 on @HBO.
  • @johntopete someone heard us... SHOSH!!!

  • Finally Shosh!!

  • Thank the lord @emmnixon

  • @jenstamcos Shosh better be in this one!!!!

  • I miss Shosh! It's been Hannah, Marnie and a little Elijah🤔! I even want to see Ray🙃

  • 11M ago

    Shosh Deserves her own episode 100x more than Elijah ever did. His episode was wrought with season one levels of racism and stereotyping. Shosh is actually the only character that has openly immersed herself in a culture outside her own. Zosia's played her so well! Shosh is the breakthrough character of the entire show. Let me know if y'all need help writing a spin off where she moves to L.A. and makes new friends who actually appreciate her.

  • @juliastaneck aceito 💍

  • @stacee_face nooo.. this and no more sundays smh it's to much to handle 😩😜

  • @nicolehula Shoshanna!!!

  • please explain the racism. Elijah rocks! I thought she did get her own episode, it was called "japan"

  • @howellchelsea thank God!!!!!

  • Will Sosh actually be on it!

  • Shoshanna yaaasssss

  • that was mad goooooood need moreee

  • I know everyone's happy to see Shosh and wonder why she hasn't been on much but let's be honest they only have 2 episodes left in the season and they have to wrap up everyone's thing and Shosh she doesn't have much to wrap up tbh she's like neutral rn

  • 😭😭😭 why!

  • I like Ray and Abigail :)

  • So many emotions! I'm not sure what to think.

  • Why only 2 episodes left?! Must. Have. More.

  • tclan4 11M ago

    Why did it end like that?! 😔

  • Why why why 💔

  • 🖐🏼💔🖤

  • 😧😫😩the next two episodes better be more than 32 minutes. Fucking adam man... and whyyyyyy is Hanna having this baby!? Whhhhhyyyyy

  • This episode sucked so hard

  • Shosh!! 🖤

  • U know what. Fuck shosh. She thinks she's better than the whole world. She did get her own episode. Remember Japan? She's moved on, she "grew up"... Elijah deserved that episode. And I must say. @lenadunham your acting in this most recent episode was FUCKING AMAZING. fake pregnant belly and all. Such emotion. Bravo!

  • viccupz 11M ago

    Jessa.... idk man

  • Why can't Hannah and Adam just be together, why!?! The sneak peak of this episode last week gave me false hope, I was so excited to finally watch it, only to have my heart ripped out and stomped on repeatedly. I want the happy ending damnit! Life is bleak enough 😫😭😭💔💔💔💔

  • This episode did a number on me @girlshbo

  • Not how I wanted this episode to go, they seemed so happy and it went for a 360 😱☹️ #teamhannah&adam @girlshbo

  • OMG what an amazing show tonight! So deep, I related to every character! What amazing writing and acting, direction, the entire package. Thank you.

  • I can't believe it's almost over!!!! Each episode keeps getting better!!! I can't imagine how it's going to end. This is the best season yet!!

  • Amazing episode. I have cried so much

  • @thatguybruce33 false advertising 😭😭😭

  • Ugh, not a good one

  • Fuck Jessa

  • I hate Jessa so much! And I'm confused about Adam and Hannah! I want them to be together so bad I can't stand it!

  • This show absolutely cannot end! It's getting so good. Why is it ending?

  • @girlshbo thank you for the fab episode!! Saying goodbye to a first love is a crazy carnival ride! 💔

  • Jessa was one of my favorite characters in the beginning just cuz she was fun and care free. I've really grown to hate her. My breaking point was when she had the nerve to tell Hannah that Hannah should've told her about her pregnancy because she's still her "dear friend" WTF is that. She was sleeping around with Adam for months and Hannah had to find out from a fucking phone call. Then she ignores her for months after and expects that friendly gesture from Hannah? Come on girl you really can't be that stupid. She fucked everything up for Hannah and Adam. I hope in the end nobody gets Adam (since it seems like Hannah and Adam won't work out) & Jessa and Hannah aren't friends but Hannah is able to forgive her and just move on without either of them in her life. Tonight's episode was heartbreaking the way Adam and Hannah just stared at each other crying. I'm so sad this show is ending💔

  • But I guess at this point I'll just keep an open mind about how this series is going to end

  • @babydollbwitt ikr?! I was so hopefully until they went their own ways. I'm so incredibly upset about that.

  • *hopeful

  • @everything._.bagel Adam and Hannah are so much better together

  • Why it's so hard to make me really happy??? WHY??? All I want is Hannah and Adam be together. it's not so difficult. They're great together

  • @babydollbwitt there's 2 episodes left and it's over forever. I am praying they end up together. Just a show, I know, but it's vicarious for me.

  • This is season is absolutely intoxicating. Lena Dunham has crafted a masterpiece of a final season. Every single episode is knocked out of the park. It makes me terribly depressed that Hanna Horvath will no longer grace my screen after two more episodes. Bravo to Lena and her team.

  • Fuck everyone except for Elijah and Shosh! I hate it

  • lp_rox 11M ago

    I'm still processing this episode. I need to go to bed though.

  • You guys can't leave me! Can we have Girls the movie ?

  • I don't even know how to express how this episode made me feel.

  • Gonna immensely miss this show. Always touches on my core. Once again, emotionally tapped. ❤

  • Just came to say I'm gonna miss this show and SCREW Jesssa!!!

  • Ugh tonight's episode made me so mad


  • What just happened?!!!

  • @arlenelaqueen She said "no" to Adam with only her emotions.

  • @arlenelaqueen watch the discussion afterwards. It was their last scene together which made it emotional.

  • can someone PLEASE tell me was it over for adam in the diner scene too or was he just crying cause he could tell hannah said no? I GOTTA KNOW IF HE WOULD HAVEGONE THROUGH WITH THEIR LOVE STORY OR DOES HE REALLY FUCKING WANT JESSA 🤢

  • i want hannah and adam together 😢

  • ❤️❤️

  • @eireannos 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻



  • The conversation on the bench is so funny andadorable.

  • @gracewhitten over watch behind the episode on YouTube

  • The dinner scene was AMAZING! Sooo real, awesome performences 👏👏👏 Great episode, but I want more of Shosh ❤❤

  • @iammichelemarie what discussion??? I watched it online not on hbo live. 😩

  • I dont understand the episody, well i dont want understand it, im broken

  • So fucking saaad

  • @manzanas_naranjas_ why was Hannah crying at the diner?

  • I thought finally some Sosh but some other girls came along and stole Ray????

  • annaajs 11M ago

    @jeanettenazzaro she realized it is over with Adam

  • The episode sucked along with the whole last season. I couldn't believe what I was watching. Random scenes that have nothing to do with the plot and have no connection with each other, Adam returns to Hannah to raise her child (sooooooo realistic) and the "problems" that are supposed to be facing are not even problems. Wtf??? And the totally irrelevant message of the episode that a girl can have a man besides her size as long as she has a brain along with the fact that the pretty girl gets dumbed for another girl. Ok the world needs to change the beauty standards, we got that Lena, and a pretty girl doesn't mean that she is the best but guess what doesn't mean also that she is the worst. The whole show turned out to be what it could make Hannah look like the best of all and the rest of them just completely scums. No sense of humor at all, boring, the actresses stucked with their ways of acting for 3 seasons now and nothing realistic happens. I was so thrilled about this show and now I am ashamed that I told people to watch it 6 months ago. Nope.

  • @annaajs that's so sad!!!!!

  • But she was over him. Why did she take him back and only for a day....

  • annaajs 11M ago

    @jeanettenazzaro yes... but sometimes relationships come to an end and it is better to move on... personally, I am "glad" they are not together because life isn't a fairytale... it is so hard to end a relationship but at the same time you grow so much as a person and sometimes it is worth it because you learn a lot! (Sorry if I made no sense! English is not my language!)

  • annaajs 11M ago

    @jeanettenazzaro she thought it could work... but they have a lot behind their back (mimi-rose, jessa...) they wanted to be together so they give it another go but then they realize it was not the same... at least it is my interpretation!


  • @jeanettenazzaro she was emotional, pregnancy hormones are a crazy thing

  • Awwwww! So good!!!! I get everything except for Jenna throwing up? Is she preggo?

  • Fuuuuuck, come on! I so confused right now :( I wanna see Adam & Hannah together😩😩😩

  • Wow, poor Hannah, men Adam why u got to fuck with her! Yes is Jessa prego to? What?? I love Adam & Hannah but im not sure if hes serious or not, he has hurt Hannah so much in the past! Again Men!! 💕 love the show!!

  • @j.wright I totally agree 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • @tatiataina a gente tem que combinar de ver. :)

  • Sickest episode ever.

  • Loved this episode! Love this season.

  • So confused! All the things... need to see next week's episode already!

  • That was actual fucking bullshit HBO. Just fucking bullshit.

  • It was great ☺️☺️☺️

  • Love love love this episode! Sad and happy and excited. Plz don't end the show. It's just getting to the good stuff.

  • @gitanasb I think maybe. But, I'm hoping not. She's venomous and broken.

  • Only 2 episode left?!! No!!!

  • Aww cool

  • 👍

  • So frustrating

  • 💔 worst episode ever ..... we want Hannah & Adam together

  • lorigia 11M ago

    Fuck. Painful episode. Reminded me of the episode Marnie reunites with Charlie. But such real feelings.. it is the tragedy of life. Would you rather have loved and lost or never loved at all?

  • lorigia 11M ago

    I can't believe there's only 3 episodes left. But I'm happy with this arch. Hannah being pregnant was a great choice. She's going to be on her own and she's going to make peace with her past (i hope) and the end will be her looking towards her future, putting herself and her baby first.

  • I've never loved a tv couple like i have loved them they really have a special place in my heart I just loved how real this show was

  • @vvnessaa glad I'm not the only one who thought they were meant to be together. My heart broke seeing hannah in the bed alone :(

  • I'm going to miss this show so incredibly much! It's wonderful, I find myself crying at the end of every single episode, for a multitude of reasons.. It's just so familiar and real. Love you GIRLS ✨🌀✨

  • lp_rox 11M ago

    @jeanettenazzaro Because she was sad after Paul Louis rejected her baby and was feeling vulnerable. Remember hormones? She's pregs.

  • lp_rox 11M ago

    Some of you guys forget how horrible Adam has been to Hannah. They don't belong together. He doesn't love her anymore, he just liked how she needed him. She doesn't need him anymore so the match doesn't fit.

  • I can't understand why people hate Jessa so much and love Adam. He not only got involved with one of Hannah's closest friends, but he also started a relationship with Mimi-rose while Hannah was in Iowa. Do you people not remember that? He put all of her stuff in a fucking container and lived with his then new girlfriend in an apartment that was actually Hannah's in the first place. Why does he deserves forgiveness and Jessa not? No no. It would be better for Hannah not to raise her child with such man, but to stay alone, focus on herself, the baby and her carrier. Adam can stay with Jessa, they deserve each other.

  • @tessamack_traingame can you sort this please?

  • I am so happy Adam AND Hannah!❤❤❤❤❤😆

  • I think some of us are "in love" with the intense and troubled yet passionate relationship between Adam and Hannah. It felt sometimes like they were meant to be yet not meant to be. Anyone who has ever even in a relationship that makes you so raw and vulnerable will feel it. It was sad.. I cried while they sat in the booth and Hannah cried. It felt bitter sweet and yet right. Excellent acting and script =)

  • So ooooo super sad it is ending... LENA!!

  • Left 2 episode for ending, no 😢😢😢💔

  • @manzanas_naranjas_ because she's a grown ass woman who got pregnant. Why wouldn't she have this baby? You must be one of those women who think of abortion is birth control.

  • This episode was pretty amazing. I'm super bummed it looks like Hannah and Adam dont end up together 💔 what other way can you end the show without breaking our hearts? 😞

  • Lol. Really went to that extreme huh

  • Worst episode! Hannah and Adam are perfect for each other 💔😭 @girlshbo

  • @kuroneko509 why we're they crying I didn't understand ? Then he left her alone and went back to Jess .. please explain .. thanks 💗💗💗💗

  • My heart is broken! That moment between h&A was beautiful

  • kiraoke 11M ago

    This episode is hard to top! Shosh, Ray and Abigail, too funny. Jessa in the bar, amazing, heartbreaking. The song fitted the situation so well. Hannah and Adam... without words. There are to more episodes to come. Can't wait and don't want in to end at the same time. Ahhhh!!!

  • I can't stop thinking about this episode! I'm crushed! I just want Hannah and Adam together. ☹️😥😭😢

  • Alguien que por favor me explique por qué Hanna lloro al final de este capitulo? No entendi nada.

  • @laurendanielle521 yeah exactly!

  • @lavishtaylor yeah they might be a mess but its so beautiful!

  • The most brilliant episode out of all the seasons. I literally felt every emotion there is to humanly feel and then some ❤

  • annaajs 11M ago

    @libnimiquilena llora porque se da cuenta que su relación ha acabado. Tenían un recuerdo idealizado de su relación pero han pasado muchos años y muchas cosas y ha no están enamorados...

  • annaajs 11M ago

    @libnimiquilena cuando están comprando cositas para el bebé suena una canción que se llama "you and i" de "betty davis" y explica muy bien lo que les pasa... la canción dice algo así como "soy sólo una niña intentando ser una mujer y tú eres un extraño para mi intentando ser mi hombre (...) te quiero pero es duro ser yo misma ojalá te lo pudiera dar. Sería libre y podría ser yo misma". Espero haberte ayudado!

  • Oh my gosh I feel so emotional and anxious after that episode. I don't know what's going to happen next but I'm so stressed. Poor Hannah!!!!

  • And heart

  • Hannah and Adam being together is glad they didn't take the crazy route.

  • @annaajs siii me ayudaste gracias por tomarte la molestia de explicarme eres muy amable 😀

  • How can this end in only 2 more episodes?! 😢

  • 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔

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  • I can't, it's just I can't... This episode broke muy heart in so many ways 💔. The best of this season for sure.

  • Probably the last episode we see Adam and Jessa , those two are done in Hanna's life.

  • @libnimiquilena se dio cuenta que adam nunca va a cambiar y que estan mejor separados

  • killer shot

  • Best episode

  • ytfresh 11M ago

    Can we just talk about Ray's favorite childhood cartoon 🤣

  • Habrá otro?

  • zaradge 11M ago

    This episode... I felt so sorry for Jessa, all the while feeling so sorry for Hannah 😥

  • How many episode is it in this final season ! Can't believe the 8 I just watched is the final 😭😭😭

  • utasi 11M ago

    😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 why?

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