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  Posted: Mar 16, 2012 3:16 AM FEED
52 Hudson
No Cal, we're headed back to the waterfront in SF! All Warped venues released today on Warped site
  • Anxious to see how things will turn out at AT&T Park. Bummed that you guys cut Sleep Train in Marysville out of the tour this year.

  • Lol! Gota love google or bing arial photo! It's so neat!! And awesome pic by the way! It's nice to see something other than people, landscapes, and objects!

  • You guys have to please come back to Fresno, CA :,( bring DGD Johnny Craig & Breathe Carolina please :( next year. & LIGHTS

  • Awesome view

  • Sick view!


  • Thats not where LOT A is, its actually across the street...

  • Stoked for Camden!!

  • I agree with @ptvnatalie.. Leave it in Hillsboro!

  • How are you having it at the TD Garden??? How?!

  • AT&T <3

  • I wish it were back at the pier though 😔

  • Home of the SF Giants❤⚾

  • Whoa this looks cool Af

  • Sick idea for a post 

  • Lol, that is cool !

  • *゚Take note of this my fellow Instagramers.
    --------------------------------------------- "The Media is ruled by Satan. But yet I wonder if many Christians fully understand that." --------------------------------------------- Jimmy Swaggert 

  • No more marysville?? Looks like I'll be going to the sf date this year! Can't miss warped 😃

  • What stadium??? Like my pics and follow!

  • Dayum how did you get the aerial view so clearly?

  • Honored to attend such a venue like warped where the SF giants play❤

  • I've been to AT&T park a bunch if times for games, so I'm pretty excited to see how they have this set up! It will be interesting...

  • @warpedtour is it gonna be on the field?o_____o

  • When will the big bands be signed!? I'm not to impressed withthe line up this year!

  • Yes!!!!AZ's new location is going to be TONS better! :3

  • Really!? I love mountain view though...D: hmmm oh well

  • damn, mountain view was ten min away from my house, the new venue is 45... but it's pretty :) AT&T paaarkk

  • Lots of transportation options to this show in SF. Cal Train stop a few blocks away and goes all through bay area. Also BART is an option

  • Lots of questions on venues an why some changed. Variety of reasons including availability and looking at venues that work best for as many people as possible. Also trying new things out this year

  • YESSSSS!! That just made my night.

  • Detroit - there is a Tigers game that day so no Comerica. Bummer we like it too but again each show that changed venues has a reason for it.

  • Photo is from Google

  • Hillsboro is having a dog show when we were coming to town. Again reason for each show that moved. Not done without thinking about fans and tour but have to think about routing a tour with 43 days, with school schedules changing each year etc

  • I'm gonna pee my pants. I need backstage passes this year fasho.

  •  

  • 98.5% chance I am goin to the SanFran date. I am so freakin excited!

  • I wish Warped realized there is more to Canada than just Toronto and Montreal. Sigh. Being a college student means I can't afford to galavant around the continent.

  • Dying to go to the sf show.... DYING.

  • duhnny 5y ago

    No Home Depot Center on L.A but why!!!

  • Aw :( I love Comerica Park. Oh well. Is it going to be inside the palace? Or in the parking lot?

  • Hell yes June 23 come faster!

  • blugar 5y ago


  • Katieydg - in the parking lot at the palace

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Posted: Oct 19, 2017 8:37 PM
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FOREVER WARPED :: 🚨 merch alert 🚨⠀
we found a few Forever Warped dip dyed long sleeves⠀
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it's that time again - take the survey and let us know which bands you want to see in 2018! ⠀
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SEDITION SUNDAY :: Hey! @sedition.1216 here again. This week I'm bringing you 10 photos from my #AmericanMusicProject series. These are all brand new edits of the original photos. If you want to see the original edits you can visit my website at
Next week I'm going to dig up ten badass photos of drummers for you guys. Who's your favorite drummer? My favorite drummers to photograph are Jake from Memphis May Fire, Christian from Black Veil Brides and Ryan Seaman. Catch you guys next week! 🙌

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LAST CHANCE :: we are giving away a pair of INK'D Wireless headphones from our pals at @skullcandy
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we may want to go back to summer & the Warped Tour, but we are stoked for STYG new album!⠀
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@haskhair x @warpedrewind :: Want to set sail with some of your favorite Warped bands!? Then enter to win a free cabin for two! 🛳️⚓⠀

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FALL VIBES :: start the season with a new pair of @Vans & our Forever Warped thermal 🍂🍁🍃⠀
🎧 @dancegavindance
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it was a bit of a wild summer...we may have underestimated GWAR⠀
📽️ @revolvermag
💻 full video at link in bio⠀

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Posted: Oct 2, 2017 10:30 PM
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LAS VEGAS :: we are heart broken & speechless⠀

our hearts go out to every single person affected by this senseless act of violence. we stand with your community as you begin to heal.⠀

🏥 get involved - donate blood regardless of where you live⠀

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x @trophyeyesmusic :: our Aussie mates are back in the US for a fall run! 🇦🇺⠀
⬅️ swipe for tour dates⠀
🎟️ tix at link in bio⠀
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WARPED CARES :: Hurricane Relief Tees⠀
When Hurricanes Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and now Hurricane Maria hit land and created devastation, social media and camera crews were there to spread the word and capture the attention of America. But after the hurricanes pass and after the cameras leave, the real re-building begins. ⠀

Warped has always worked to give back to communities and we always strive to encourage fans to get involved and make a difference in your communities too.⠀

All proceeds will go to carefully vetted local charities to help those affected by the devastation recover and rebuild. ⠀⠀

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Warped Tour x @counterpartsband ::⠀
the boys put out one hell of a record with "You're Not You Anymore​"​ and it's making us miss watching them every day on Warped!⠀
​​💽 < link in bio >
📸 @carminedwards

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x @headcountorg ::
National Voter Registration Day⠀
stay involved. update your voter registration⠀
🗳️ < link in bio > ⠀

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SEDITION SUNDAY :: 📸 @sedition.1216
Hey! Hope everyone had a good week. So tell me, what do you want to see next week? Another set of portraits? Maybe a set of drummer photos? Possibly a set of photos from backstage before the bands go on to play? Ten photos of people jumping? Maybe a set of nothing but women performing on Warped? Let me know!
Anyway, here are ten photos I took this past summer using my trusty portable flashpoint studio strobe. (Well, for most of them anyway...) See you all next week with, something?
. 💁‍♀️ Oh yeah, for those that made it this far... If you go to my Sedition1216 facebook page I'll have some different edits and photos that didn't make the cut posted for you to check out. ❤
Warped Tour x @journeys ⠀⠀
LAST CALL :: don't forget to redeem those Journeys wristband discounts before they expire on 9/30!⠀⠀
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Posted: Sep 18, 2017 11:45 PM
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FOREVER WARPED :: missed out on getting merch at your show? pop on over to our webstore and grab some official threads before they're all gone! ⠀
🛍️ < link in bio >⠀
📸: @visualgruntmedia

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SEDITION SUNDAY :: Hey! @sedition.1216 here, so I'm curious. What year was your first Warped Tour and what was your favorite band you saw? My first year was 96 and my favorite band I caught that summer was NoFX. (with Blink 182 being a close second)
Anyway, sorry about missing last week, we figured with the hurricane going on and it being national suicide prevention awareness day that we would hold off until the next week. Hope you enjoy these 10 shots of Black Veil Brides from years past, next week I'm going to dig around and find you guys some dope portraits from tour. 😎👌
. #vanswarpedtour #warpedtour #seditionsundays #blackveilbrides #bvbarmy #andybiersack #andyblack
Posted: Sep 17, 2017 8:03 PM
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"the camaraderie with the bands - the diversity of bands, really just meeting people that you've always heard of, but never got to play with"⠀

🎙️ ft. @silverstein | @antiflag | @sickofitallnyc | @theataris
◾ full episode at link in bio⠀
📽️ @warwickfilm

#vanswarpedtour #warpedtour #silverstein #antiflag #sickofitallnyhc #theataris