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#BookOfTheDay - 2nd edition of Sonic Matters, Sonic Kollaborations

From @printedmatterinc “originally compiled by @thurstonmoore58 and @leeranaldo , to accompany the exhibition of the same name at Printed Matter in the summer of 2000. The result is a sort of Sonic Youth super 'zine, with over 220 photocopied pages including essays, interviews, ephemera, memorabilia, photographs, writings, gig flyers, posters, letters, song lyrics, poetry, angry fan mail, art work, record covers and related material. Includes a rambling, poetic essay by Moore on the Youth's roots in– and ongoing relationship with–the art community, as well as the original exhibition proposals by curator, Todd Alden. "Sonic Youth’s music explores the sometimes liberating, sometimes repressive + always complexx tensions between subjectivity + mass culture, sexuality + mass media, abjection and the star sy$tem. It is these leitmotifs which also find graphic expression, appropriately enough, in the elegantly degraded poetics of the band’s printed matter and ephemera." ––from the exhibition introduction by @aldenprojects , edited and transcribed directly onto the walls of Printed Matter by Thurston Moore. Second edition features some new, very much bonus, materials and color xerox back cover.” #sonicyouth #printedmatter
David Wojnarowicz & Peter Hujar @ppowgallery show card. Thank you A.B. for this amazing gift!!! #davidwojnarowicz #peterhujar #ppow
This car lives around the corner from me & I never get tired of seeing it. #KennyScharf #KARBOMBZ @kennyscharf
Guys, I’ve got something to tell you...
Better late than never. Happy National Coming Out Day. #martinkippenberger
Talk to @6decadesbooks if you want it. I’m not selling mine. 🏳️‍🌈 #nationalcomingoutday
He said he follows @grey_frame & had some early Ruscha books in the back of his van. 😳
I can’t get enough of these 2 pieces by Walter Swennen at @white_columns “...his 1968 portrait of the writer William Burroughs, made when Swennen was in his early 20s, and Zeven Flessen, a painted sculptural work from 1966 that reverberates with the contemporaneous work of his compatriot Marcel Broodthaers.” Go see them in person! #walterswennen #whitecolumns #williamburroughs
I exhibited an amazing amount of self control when taking this picture. #mauriziocattelan #thiscouldhavegoneinawholedifferentdirection
Kings Plaza by @roeethridge 📸 My first job was here- at Waldenbooks! @ryan44 hired me when I was 16, I think. Changed my life. #roeethridge #booksaremagic
Throwback to that time ( 10min ago ) when I bought ice cream. #selfie