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It's safe to say that it was a pretty successful weekend with a lot of good crashes
Double barefooting with my dad last week at Shasta was one of the coolest things I've done. Thanks for everything Big Rob!
Finally landed the very frustrating scarecrow on the wake last night!
Landed my first tantrum off a kicker in my first cable comp! I also placed 7th in the boat comp. Awesome weekend for our team's first competition. @sdsuwaterskiwakeboard @theepicsurf @velocityislandpark @ronixwakeboards
It's a little late but last trip of the summer was sick with some of the OG #DirtyD Squad @run_d_m_c_ @g_i_erock @cole_dohmann @tktony4
Had a great time in Shasta and got some sick footage! The full video is on my Facebook. 🚤---<|🏄🏻