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•I can’t keep you off of my mind• •

A little more practice. Not my favorite... but it’s something.
The next image to be sewn up. I’m thinking white thread for this mega babe. Big thanks to @thickpeach.jpg for being so open to letting me play with around with the images we took together 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Stumbled upon this photo of @muddysunsets from the day we took an adventure up in to some strange little town in the mountains to shoot. We both had about 4 cameras each, slung over our shoulders. We shot velvety photos with our beloved peel apart film, we probably each wasted a pack trying to pull the frames out of our finicky polaroids. It’s one of the best memories that I have in recent years. I miss you you, lady. 🖤🖤🖤🖤
•The last few strings snap and pull, the body’s final drift, smooth as a sun baked blood flake... the tiny gunpowder singed hearts, charred kiss marks.... until finally, the strings go slack.•

Happy Friday the 13th 🖤

•Excerpts from Ross Gay’s “Marionette”
New Polaroid manipulations with thread in progress. Boring to watch, but they’re turning out nicely. 🖤
The next shoot has been decided. The lovely @haoleberrry invited me to shoot some latex cosplay. I can’t wait to see this talented beauty in some skintight latex. This should be a blast.
I photographed a wedding on Sunday, so it’s time to get down to work. The biggest struggle I face when photographing a wedding is over-shooting. I have 1700 frames to look through, so my work is cut out for me. But, picking up my camera again after almost a year without using it was cathartic. I’m already dreaming up new projects. Any ladies want to take their clothes off and get creative? Springs, Denver, boulder.... DM me! 🖤
I’m shocked that someone keeps reporting my images. Everything is blurred out. Grow up.• Once again... I knew this girl for 5 days. We spent those 5 days in hell together. We got one another through probably the lowest point in either of our lives. I saw her only once after that, and that meeting resulted in photos that I love, that I’ve never shared. Her love and kindness have stayed with me. The lessons she taught me are etched into my very bones. In facing my current struggles, feeling the way that I do, she’s been on my mind a lot. I can still hear her effervescent laugh, and see the sadness in her smiling eyes.
“...the water gushes from my fingers, grass grows on my tongue.”
My attempt at a scissor over comb fade. Men's cuts are the bane of my existence. 😣
Being sick is a great excuse to stay inside while it's cold out, and put random stuff in to my journal like a giant nerd.
It's a pretty great day when your favorite photographer comes to your house to drop off some of her art that you've long desired to own. In a time when the internet and social media are saturated with garbage "photography", I think it's really important to show support to those that have shed buckets of blood, sweat & tears to create incredible works of art. @rebeccatillett has been pouring her soul in to her work for much longer than a decade... before the internet and the "auto" setting decimated the art of photography. Not only is she a brilliant artist, but she's humble, kind, down to earth, and quite frankly, someone I've looked up to for a really long time. If nipples don't frighten you, and you're looking to be inspired, check her out. You'll thank me later.
Sundays are for reading (multiple books by 2 of my favorite authors) #rollins #vonnegut
Today, while passing the time reading my new Vonnegut book, and trying to drown out the horrid salon music with headphones.... I noticed that listening to This Will Destroy You's self titled album, track one starts to eerily sync up with what happening in the book.... and continues on and on. Any fans of the author and the band should give it a shot.... I'm still enjoying it. 🖤👽🖤👽🖤