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Ay, therein lies the rub.. and the eye bags. One of the most common questions I'm asked pertaining to the piglets is around naps and sleep. Mostly because Lola is a staunch 7-7er and they have done a tandem 12:30-3pm nap (give or take) since the wee man was circa 3 months old. I've threatened to do an insta live Q&A on this parenting minefield many a time, but never quite got around to it. Well, it's your lucky day because @yoga_girl has just come back from the black-hole-of-sleep-deprivation-despair and dedicated a podcast to this very topic! At the risk of sounding ✊🏼 she covers off EVERY little thing you can do to try to turn things around for the better. It's such a useful listen, I've temporarily put the link in my bio in case it's of interest ☺️ I get messages every week from you guys at the end of your wick because your baby either won't nap or won't sleep through the night (eh, hi LOCKIE 👋🏼😫👶🏼👊🏼) it's the absolute pits x infinity and I'm right there with you just now. Anyway, I've had a large glass of Sicilian Syrah and I have the new Grazia magazine on my lap so I'll bore off now. Setting phasers to 'shhhh' 😌🍷📰🌙🛌💙
[additional reading if you're desperate at 4am: on in How To.. ➡️ Piglets, I did a piece when I only had Lola called The Elusive 'Undisturbed Nights' Sleep' 😘 I am NO expert, but if you ever need to vent, drop me a message x]
You see bloggers being invited to fancy hotels under the guise of testing out the thread-count of bed sheets *cough* @pinkhouseliving 👌🏼😉 *cough* and then there was that Ibiza trip all the cool kids went on just as long as they tossed in the odd reference to active wear or something 🤔How marvellous, I sometimes think, to be asked along to such prestigious occasions, all in the name of social media. Then I very kindly get invited to the annual pumpkin patch reveal @arnpriorfarm only for Lola to fall on her arse, get caked in mud, and demand to be carried ALL morning meaning we both end up looking like we've come from a Peppa Pig superfan convention. Filthy, soaked and wearing coordinated hers & hers waterproofs it dawns on me - I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be 🎃🤦🏼‍♀️🎃👧🏼🎃💦🎃💩🎃
At the end of the Summer, the gorgeous Laura off of @edinburghwithkids asked if I would like to feature in her 'Mama Uniform' series. Obviously I responded, "is Führer Trump orange? Will having Tunnocks Tea Cakes for breakfast make me fat? Do bears favour woodland areas over Portaloos..?" Now if you've ever lain awake at night wondering what my skin and/or haircare routine looks like then SLICESOMNIA no more because the answers to that and much, much more are all up in hurr! Link in bio... ➡️ wishing you a lovely Monday team 📝👩🏼‍💻👧🏼👶🏼💕😘
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I've been on a bit of a follow spree over the last few days; since coming back from holiday a smorgasbord of instabeauts have crossed my path so it's an easy job collating recommendations this week 😎 I've tried to include something for everyone so hopefully you'll find an affinity with at least one of these lovely ladies. Wishing you a wonderful weekend team, see you on Monday ☺️💖 Tap for tags 👆🏼🦄 that time I had a sociopathic Mancunian boyfriend and pretended to be a make up artist for Sourz, getting paid to cruise round universities plastering neon fruit doodles on students' faces 😐🍏🍒 [2008]
NEW BLOG POST KLAXON! 📣 To you, via me, from @frankie_leigh! Frankie gives the low-down on her decision to become vegan, store cupboard essentials, most-made meals, hurdles you may face, things to look forward to, hero cookbooks and online retailers to keep in your ethical back pocket.. PHEW! Link in bio or you can also find it in How to.. // Inner Zen 👌🏼🍃Check out Frankie's for posts on wellbeing and general gorgeousness ☺️💚
[UPDATE: There are a raft of resources mentioned in the blog piece, I have tagged them here ⬆️ for easy reference 😎]
Stop. Capture an image. Edit an image. Think of something interesting/insightful/idiotic to say. Post image. Peruse feedback. Comment, like, share. Look for fresh material. At all times. Everywhere. Pause to note down insightful observations for a rainy day. Stories. Do them, watch them, need them. In the bath, on the commute, accompaniment for another 3am feed. Tap, scroll, tap, scroll, tap scroll... •

Go on holiday. Put digital in the dark. Store the skies in your heart and the meals in your memories. Nap. Read books. Lots of books. Car sing-alongs, falling asleep in my arms, making friends with strange children via shy smiles and hand signals. Search for ants, lizards & dragonflies. Swim everyday. Paddle in the ocean and practice foreign languages. Hold hands. Talk over dinner. Toast champagne. Keep it all to yourself. Every drop. Rediscover the joy of simplicity, secrets and silence.

(to everyone who has emailed - thank you and I HAVE SOMETHING IN MY EYE 🙈😭💕)
There will be a drop in service for the next couple of weeks while I'm on holiday. Obviously I'll be checking in from time to time - I couldn't punch out *completely* So every time Big Slice goes to the toilet I pinkie promise to stop by and update you on my eyebrow regrowth. Bye babes ☺️👌🏼🐛🐛😆😘👋🏼✈️☀️🥐🍫🍷🍕🍝🐳
BOSS LEVEL HOLIDAY PREP KLAXON 📣 Wee Phyllis has decided she wants to check out this year 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ so has started to put her affairs in order. Naturally I have treated my inheritance advance with the ultimate respect and put it straight into savings for a rainy day. COUGH. Thank you to all those who made today so deliciously indulgent ☺️👵🏼💕
💆🏼: @hairbyjfkedinburgh 💅🏼: @2ubeauty7947 🍯🌷: @thewaxbar1 🐛🐛: @nicollemcfarlane_mua
Looking for some holiday mani inspo and stumbled across these voodoo magic transparent broken glass beauts.. it's just a pity I have stumps 🤔 I'm thinking gold.. or white.. or blue.. or NO YOU GET BORED EASILY 💅🏼😖🤷🏼‍♀️
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Lauren's transparent talons with shattered glass! #katiejanenails #nails #nailart #nailporn #nailedit #talons #clearclaws #holographic #iridescent #ss16 #sessionwork #colourspectrum #colour #ontrend #glam #edgy #nailsonfleek #nailfashion #glass #mosaic #shatteredglass #shatteredglassnails
Take a brisk finger-walk over to my insta-stories for a spontaneous review of the new @heidiklum X @lidluk collab! SPOILER: It's 75% shamazeballs, I've never been in a Lidl before, and my hair is getting done tomorrow so DON'T THROW SHADE BECAUSE MY ROOTS ARE TOO UNWELL TO DEFEND THEMSELVES 💆🏼👚👖👗👠
It felt-tip-penned a moustache & goatee on its face. It scribbled all over its @bearandbabe leggings. It refused to eat any of its lunch then when I was putting Lockie to bed it purposely and maliciously did a pants-poo because it wanted a hot shower clean up. It has refused to nap and has requested the first 20 minutes of Moana (only) 3 times now. She better be a surgeon, or a dot com entrepreneur, or a high flying international escort because I want a really, REALLY plush retirement home as reparations for this insubordination 😑👺🖍🏩🏝👧🏼🥊
I daren't ponder too long over just how much my productivity has declined since discovering the joy of Instagram stories (I still maintain that Snapchat is le poop though 😒👎🏼👻) 👹🤳🏼⏱⏰🕰
I had a 'mummy-blogger-but-it's-not-a-mummy-blog' catch up with @hollycooksblog today. Our venue of choice was a gorgeous but super-healthy cafe-shop, so after a ginger & lemon tea (NO YOU'RE A SELL OUT) I waddled upstairs to inspire my inner Kermit by fondling the beautiful organic offerings. One purple potato, an avocado and a baby pumpkin later, I have no idea what I'm going to make the Piglets for lunch tomorrow, but the theme will most definitely be rainbows 🙃🌈💜🥔🥑🎃 p.s We have a blog post on all things VEGAN coming soon from @frankie_leigh so strap in for more veg-related food porn 🍆🙌🏼🐰☺️
6 days until holiday, heading into Monday hoping my inner Kermit keeps it together.. 🙄🤔😂🐸🍩 #Repost @mealplanmagic via @keely_cn • • • ▶️ @mealplanmagic ◀️
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Some days just call for a good old fashioned bird-bath ☺️💦🐥🛁
Went bikini shopping. Survived. *sets vignette filter to 85%* 🤔😆
Gifted by Bravissimo 💜🎁☺️
Dolph Lundgren & Brigitte Nielsen pictured together at their local Bookbugs song circle, 1958 📚🎵👶🏼👧🏼💕