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mamaeulo 292w ago
Celebrating 3years of #marriage! #nofilter just #us <3

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Twinning with my boo this Friday the 13th 👻
We've enjoyed hosting our friends this morning for playtime and painting pumpkins, and then Mikey's work had its annual Fall Fest. Donna loved giving everyone the side-eye and trying her hand at Cornhole with her Daddy.
Last day in Texas. Dressed up for auntie Mona and uncle Gilbert who celebrate three years of marriage today 💐 (Thanks for the dress, too!)
Mama's girl 💞 We had beautiful, cool weather and the sun hid most of the day—it was perfect. While on a walk this evening, two older women dressed in the most lovely garb came up and blessed Donna as we were collecting acorns. Kind people of the world, I see you and I appreciate you.
Family and tacos. Basically. #texas
Edit: Donna's looking real Michael Myers-like in that first photo but I assure you she is in love with her older cousin, so there is definitely not a knife in her other hand.
Back so soon! Only this #mommyandmetrip was planned (unlike the last one). Not planned: flying in on National Taco Day 🌮 P.S. Out of about 30 flights with my perfect little traveler, today Donna showed me that the terrible twos might be among us. First flight she threw a five minute tantrum bc I wouldn't let her kick the seat in front of us. Second flight was the longest twenty minutes of my life bc I wouldn't let her run across our seats during take-off. I always thought I'd be painfully embarrassed and sweating if this happened, but nah, I was too exhausted to care, and really just all kinds of like, "whose baby is this?" Needless to say, I'm nervous for our flights home next week. 😅 Y'all've got to pray for me (please).
For every new or seasoned mom out there, I hope you have a tribe of supportive, loving, honest women. Women who you can converse with about not only our children, but our old selves, our new selves, relationships, and the world. It makes motherhood that much more magical let me tell you. 💖💐 Thanks for having us, G. #momlife #bestofmom
Prayers for all the lives lost, injured, or traumatized last night. Prayers for the city of Las Vegas as a whole—a special place we once called home. 💔
Teething baby loves our Halloween decor and introduction to Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride. Oddly but adorably, everytime Sally and Emily came on screen she pointed and said "mommy!" Must be the big eyes, big lips, long hair...and removable limbs 👻🎃
Mikey never posted this so I'm gonna bc these three looked so happy and handsome on their father and sons trip to Maine a couple weeks ago. And bc I just love them. 🤗
We had quite the long and super-fun impromptu vacation. On top of family time, we saw old friends and ate plenty of foods that always make me feel #BackToMyRootsAF. I'm looking forward to being reunited with @papaeulo tonight though! Donna hasn't stopped asking for her dada. Also, thanks for all the prayers for our home back in Florida. For real. Somehow it went completely untouched by Irma; our little lemon tree, named in my dear Grandpa's honor, was even standing strong with a lemon still on its branch.
#texasforever #mommyandmetrip
It's the most surreal feeling to take a look around every square inch of your house and in all that space, you take with you the things that truly can't be replaced. Like family photos that only exist in print form, a hard drive with a decade's worth of my life in photos arranged by month and year, baby books our moms made for us, the baby books my sister and I made for D, shoes I wore at 6 months old, a paper with a song my grandpa wrote, etc. I am relieved for the moment hearing hurricane Irma is a cat 2 near our house and that our friends are safe. I feel lucky and at peace to be with my family and have more than one place I call home, but part of me is weathering that storm in Florida. We're still praying hard for anyone in the path of Irma since things change so fast and being safe on one end doesn't mean safety on the other. •In an attempt to not be entirely dreary, here's a moment where I almost weathered a tantrum all to take a picture w/my baby to send Mikey. How dare I, right? In Donna's defense, there is a playhouse, slide, like five bikes, and two crazy-fun cousins waiting on the other side of that fence.
Mikey is in Maine on a father and sons trip; Donna and I are in Texas with my family. Hoping hurricane Irma goes easy on Florida. 🙏🏼 #prayforflorida
Her reflection in the window is too much 💞🐻 #DonnaBear
This afternoon, before Mikey surprised me by coming home early. But he also surprised the dogs who WENT OFF and woke Donna up prematurely. I bet the mamas out there can guess if I was happy to see him after that. 🤬🙃 (Thanks for the dolly, Grandy!) #CallBeforeYouWalkThruTheDoorAtSleepHours
If you think I have too many pics of Donna climbing/swinging, it's bc all Donna does is climb and swing. 🐒 Atlanta, we have arrived for the first time! Be kind to us. 💋 Can't wait to see our friends!
"The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older..." Posting simply bc I never want to forget this little shadow. 👥