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Just looked away for a second it seems and he looks grown up now.
Getting ready to sing this at a Rosary, for the 100th Ann of Fatima. Got prayer intentions let me know and I'll include them in my Rosary today.
He made it home in time for Parker's first choir concert of the year and high school! Yay!☺️
Fingers crossed my birthday guy can actually fly into DIA today... in the meantime making his cake in a an effort at optimism!
Chilly day... loaded potato soup.... watching #spidermanhomecoming
Some things just have to go together. #comfort
It will be mine... oh yes it will be mine.
Our National Anthem sung by both High School and Middle School choirs in Douglas, WY. Beautiful job ladies and gentlemen!
This is how you crash the #homecoming parade like spidey. Yup that's my kid.
Decade Day. Parker and Claire both chose the 80s, 😂
Thomas made these in art:love birds. Thanks kiddo, needed that.
When your husband asks you to bake "something sweet... but I dunno different?" for an event this is what he gets
Already learned how to tackle stairs at 8 weeks.
The Kingdom of God is at hand; Repent and believe in the Gospel. - Mk 1:15 #dailybread