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User Image hooknorm Posted: Mar 18, 2018 6:50 AM (UTC)
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Papogi muna ➑️ oh game, picture na. πŸ˜… πŸ“Έ: @noside_arzola @cccindyrella #thetravellingtongue #TaiBae101
User Image hooknorm Posted: Mar 16, 2018 4:52 AM (UTC)
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Yellow Cab Pizza Co. launches its newest offering for us! Drum and thigh in 6 flavors!!! I personally like their Sriracha wings so I’m so happy that it now comes in bigger portion. This Korean BBQ flavor is really good too! The sweet and savory flavor combination is spot on! @thetravellingtongue @yellowcabpizza #chickenexplosion #hungryandfueled #thetravellingtongue
I don’t know where I’m going. But I’ll still go. Will you come with me? #thetravellingtongue
About last weekend. So happy to be with my HS friends to attend @jhonnabelles and @alexisangelosadie wedding ❀️ Congrats and best wishes! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Unli eating and unli walking during my TPE trip but I ain’t complaining. πŸ˜… #thetravellingtongue
User Image hooknorm Posted: Mar 2, 2018 8:43 AM (UTC)
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Solo travel is nice and liberating but it’s also good to travel with your friends. I have xxxx number of selfpics c/o @noside_arzola and @cccindyrella πŸ˜… Thanks guys! β™‘β™‘β™‘ #TaiBae101 #thetravellingtongue
Current view here at Taipei 101. πŸ˜…πŸ“ #thetravellingtongue
User Image hooknorm Posted: Feb 22, 2018 3:13 PM (UTC)
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Pancakes for dinner. Always at @pancakehouseph 🀀 #thetravellingtongue
User Image hooknorm Posted: Feb 11, 2018 9:50 PM (UTC)
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I had the chance to design my own @toblerone_ph Valentine’s sleeve. I decided to be simple but straightforward and just put β€œHey, I love you.” πŸ’™ #BeMoreImaginative #thetravellingtongue
User Image hooknorm Posted: Feb 10, 2018 6:42 AM (UTC)
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Close up shot of the very delicious @wrapsody.ynut ❀️ Hand model: @cccindyrella πŸ™ŒπŸ» #thetravellingtongue
User Image hooknorm Posted: Feb 6, 2018 10:31 PM (UTC)
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Marshmallows + coffee = you + me. β˜•οΈπŸ€— #thetravellingtongue