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Analyzing and visualizing #microCT data. Can you guess what we're looking at?
That day when Jonah came to work with me and discovered that basically my job is all about playing with ants and drinking coffee (or hot cocoa for him)!
The Asian needle ant (Brachyponera chinensis) colony on campus @provcollege is still going strong!
If anyone knows why a Canon remote timer might've stopped shooting after 100 captures, I'd appreciate knowing why this time lapse stopped early!
We've been surveying the ants of Rhode Island this summer, traveling to lots of exotic locations across the state, but so far Neutaconkanut Hill in Providence takes the win for having the most wild ants!
There must've been almost a dozen #ant species making their way up and down in and out of this beautiful old tree at one of our field sites.
Yes, it is, in fact, perfectly #ironic, when an otherwise ant-loving myrmecologist has to deal with a home ant invasion. 👿At least they were fun to film! Check out the laden forager in the first video clip, when she returns to their cavity entrance, her gaster is so big it nearly didn't fit through the hole! You've got to imagine her sister was on the other side trying to pull her in! It took a while, but she made it.