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Reaching for the peanut butter choco chunk cookie

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Reaching for the peanut butter choco chunk cookie
Cookie party for a group of Frenchies!
Turtle Bars! Next on the menu! Des barres au caramel et noix de pécan, prochainement sur notre carte!
Nos brownies et blondies prêtent à manger pour une soirée le week-end dernier! #cookies
Our peanut butter cookies come with milk chocolate chunks but we can do them without! Just ask 😊
Macarons aren't the only cookies that can claim to be "cute"! Diminutive and cute mini oatmeal raisin cookies
Reason #5,001 to love our cookies and bars: they make perfect treats for tea time !
Just made today's snack time delivery to an office building, Passing by this Swedish school - can you guess the neighborhood? #paris
They're not natural and not at all handmade but these cookies have always been some of our favorites!
Joyeux Saint-Valentin!! 1er livraison surprise de la journée est faite! ❤❤❤
chocolate dipped cookies for V-day!
Sneak peek at part of tomorrow's Valentine's order! #cookies #chocolat
Yesterday's iced heart cookies in the spirit of Saint Valentin! #cookies