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rawrrbot 292w ago
Feeling good this morning.

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THIS was us boarding the Big Red Boat #TBT
#TBT Cruisin' with my mama and my granny on Carnival Cruise 'Holiday'😀 Look at my cute ass family. 😊
Pennywise really don't fucking want none. #TBT Like they really had me out here looking like a whole ass clown. Who is responsible? #😂 #🤡
You don't have to swipe. They all look the same. Shout-out to Samsung for their selfie settings cause a bitch out here GLOWIN 😂😂😂 #GPOY #NoFilter
She might make me delete this.... #TBT AZ with my BFF.
#TBT to my mama and me in AZ living our best white people life. 😂
Flashback to last Friday. I spend so much time in line or in Hall H that I miss a lot of cool shit, but meeting this guy was a genuine treat! Thanks @osricchau 😊 #FBF #SDCC
Happy birthday to a bitch who literally physically prepares herself to hit that chorus and that choreo. 😂 I love you, chubby! @breezythacoolkid