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User Image diediecaptures Posted: Nov 21, 2017 4:53 PM (UTC)
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User Image diediecaptures Posted: Nov 15, 2017 2:33 PM (UTC)
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a little rain couldn't ruin this🌦
happiest of birthdays to one of the best women in the world! @johannavinson, i'm so thankful we've grown so close over the past few years. i know i can always count on you for the most sincere, loving, & encouraging words and I'm so glad i can count on spending my summers with you! i love your heart and how deeply you care for others & i'm so glad there is room in there for me. Love you SO much, my girl!!!💕
halloween will never get old...
User Image diediecaptures Posted: Oct 16, 2017 11:10 PM (UTC)
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today has been tough. i've seen so many friends post they're not surprised by how many women have posted #metoo, but i have been a struck by it. perhaps i'm naïve, but i'm disheartened & simultaneously encouraged by how many women have spoken up & shared their stories or simply said "me, too". perhaps the scariest part about this is that i've rarely questioned the way i've been treated because i've (WE've) been conditioned to feel like i (WE) deserved it or asked for it & that's 100% false. what a day.
to anyone who's spoken up- you are BRAVE, you are STRONG, you are WONDERFULLY MADE, & you are COURAGEOUS as can be. thank you for sharing. thank you for your Vulnerability & Tenderness. to anyone who HASN'T- you are BRAVE, STRONG, WONDERFULLY MADE and COURAGEOUS as can be. what a thing to behold💗 #longwindeddiedie .
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User Image diediecaptures Posted: Oct 4, 2017 1:07 AM (UTC)
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User Image diediecaptures Posted: Sep 28, 2017 6:59 PM (UTC)
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six months ago seems like ages ago, but i'm thankful for time & healing & new beginnings #tbt
User Image diediecaptures Posted: Sep 25, 2017 2:39 PM (UTC)
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your Love will be safe with me #ilovermont (back off, Kenter!!!)
User Image diediecaptures Posted: Sep 24, 2017 9:56 PM (UTC)
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my grandmother is eighty-one today. she is RADIANT & anyone who's come into contact with her can tell instantly. she is vibrant, full of life, Gentle, tender, Loving beyond explanation, creative (a painter, florist, & seamstress) and silly as can be. my abuelita is present & attentive, Patient & Joyful. she has shown me what it looks like to Love others without expectation & laugh with gusto until tears stream down my face. i'm the woman i am today thanks to the unconditional Love she, my aunt, & my mom have poured into me. she is the absolute best & i Love her to no end. feliz cumpleaños, abuelita. te amo!!💕 .
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User Image diediecaptures Posted: Sep 19, 2017 5:38 PM (UTC)
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i have very tender & vulnerable wounds that open easily with just a bit of pressure. it's usually no one's doing but my own-- i create intricate & sometimes wild scenarios in which i end up deeply disappointed or hurt. perhaps it's just a defense mechanism, but it's one that ends up being really hurtful in the process. recently i've noticed just how much damage my past experiences have had on me, sometimes keeping me from Trust when it is readily available. still, as someone who's been traumatized by the pain of those memories, i'm leaning on Hope to grow out of that pattern.
this has been a season of observation & learning to better cope with these knee jerk retractions. i'm actively choosing to be open to new possibilities like sharing how i actually feel, letting people Love me & trying desperately to accept their Love without that crippling fear of rejection or abandonment sneaking up. it's not easy, BUT i'm so Thankful for the space people have made for Patience, Gentleness, & Kindness around me.
it's a crazy work in progress, but it is entirely worth it. #longwindeddiedie