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User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Mar 10, 2012 3:18 AM (UTC)

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"No measure of time with you will be long enough. But let's start with forever".

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User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 16, 2018 2:02 AM (UTC)

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I know some people get disappointed when a vlog is mostly Karli and I, but today’s vlog was one of those days where we had stuff to get done, some shopping and errands, and the boys did a whole lotta nothing. Sorry! We had a blast though, shopped at LuluLemon, a cute pet store where we got catnip for the kitties (which was hilarious) and then when we got home we had to work on Karli’s dance costume. She’s being a trooper about having to dress like a boy for one dance. Karli was using YouTube to try to learn how to tie an tie but she couldn’t figure it out. I
Can’t believe I figured it out. I don’t know if I did it correctly but it looks good! LOL. #dailyvlogs #ofnmomdiary #momdiary #sundayshopping 〰️ link in bio
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 15, 2018 2:12 AM (UTC)

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Ken thought I was going to be so mad about him buying that strangest thing! He is a bit of a hoarding and is really banking on us having a house full of grandkids someday. With our luck we will have none because we are so busy saving all these things for grandkids! LOL So Karli and I spent the day working on a new project that we didn't share in the video...but if you watched Karli's new video today you learned what it was!! We are both so excited. I am so happy for Karli's new adventure!! And have to watch the vlog and vote what you thought Blake meant by his text. So far it's been about a 50/50 split. I can't believe it! #dailyvlogs #ofn #ofnmomdiary #momdiary 〰️〰️Link in bio 〰️〰️
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 14, 2018 12:23 AM (UTC)

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Today’s vlog I share some of the kids pottery and I can’t help but laugh at how odd shaped this vase is, but of course I still love it!! 💜 I was laughing out loud at Ken and how he is always using the camera to check his hair and face when he starts vlogging. He still doesn’t get it. Lol! And poor Karli isn’t feeling well and has a fever and belly ache! Chase hasn’t been feeling well either. Ugh!! I hate when the kids are sick! #dailyvlogs #ofnmomdiary #ofn #momdiary #sickday #noschool 〰️link in bio〰️
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 13, 2018 12:24 AM (UTC)

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What a fun day! Andrew paid for his very last semester of college and he will graduate with his degree in Finance in May with NO COLLEGE DEBT! Pretty amazing and I am so proud of him. Karli asks you all a very important question regarding her kitties. And Chase and Asha hang out and attempt to vlog and end the video for the day and it was about 20 minutes of really awkward footage that I tried to make something out of it for you all. And I am totally joking and being sarcastic because it was really the cutest thing ever. I know...all these comments now how they need their own channel. That won't be happening anytime soon - I will leave that up to them for when they grow up, get married and have 3 kids of their own. I can see it now Chasha Vlogs. LOL 〰️Link in Bio 〰️ #dailyvlogs #ofn #ofnmomdiary #momdiary #liveloverecord
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 11, 2018 11:24 PM (UTC)

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Ken seen these questions on Facebook and wanted to ask the kids to see how well they knew us. They actually did pretty well! I guess they pay closer attention than you think! However how could none of them know my favorite TV show? I’m sure you all know my fav right?? And they think I’m taller and apparently older than I am! Haha!! 〰️〰️Link In Bio〰️〰️ #dailyvlogs #ofnmomdiary #momdiary #challenge #whoknowsmebest
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 11, 2018 12:24 AM (UTC)

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A common question we get from people who know we vlog is how do we handle vlogging in public? And the answer is...everyone is different. Ken definitely doesn't care, I have grown used to it and the kids vary. Mostly they get embarrassed but then again no one else in the family really holds the camera except Karli. In today's vlog you can see how she handles when people look at her when she filming. It's pretty funny. She was in quite the silly mood yesterday. Every 3 minutes, she was like - Get the camera out, film me. LOL Apparently she thought she was funny even at times when she wasn't! And you HAVE to watch the vlog to see what hilarious mistake Blake made yesterday. And of course he had to blame it on Ken. 〰️〰️LINK IN BIO 〰️〰️#dailyvlogs #ofnmomdiary #momdiary #embarrassingmoments #vlogginginpublic
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 10, 2018 1:51 AM (UTC)

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Being a daily vlogger or YouTuber as some call it isn't as easy as it looks. Being organized is a HUGE part of being successful. I somehow lost a days worth of clips and it somehow made a not that important day seem really important as you can't just relive the day! Oh well...we managed to make it all work out in the end but it was supposed to be a day off of filming for everyone. HA!! So much for that :) Karli is pretty excited about her upcoming dance season and she shares a couple of her costumes. And luckily I still had all of Chase's wrestling footage from the weekend since it was on a different camera. The matches started out slow but got so INTENSE! The last one had me cringing and I couldn't believe he pulled through and won! His record was 3 - 1 for the day and he took 3rd place in a pretty big tournament. So proud! 〰️〰️ LINK IN BIO 〰️〰️ #dailyvlog #ofnmomdiary #momdiary #wrestling #highschoolwrestling #bedfordmules #competitiondance #costumes
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 9, 2018 12:36 AM (UTC)

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We thought it would be fun to see which of the boys and their girlfriends know one another better so we played a little game for today's video! Here's a Hint - One couple got more answers correct, but one couple was also caught CHEATING! So now we MUCH were they cheating? Keep a close eye and maybe you can help us solve the mystery! LOL At the end of it all...the most important part was getting them all together to play a fun game. Smiling, Laughing, and Having Fun. It feels like such a long slowwww winter already. Gotta keep finding little things to do like this!! Comment any future requests you would like to see them do together/as couples. 〰️〰️LINK IN BIO 〰️〰️#coupleschallenge #chasha #bily #momdiary #ofnmomdiary #cheaters
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 8, 2018 12:03 AM (UTC)

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In my mind Bella and Edward are still together as vampires but also in real life. And I don’t want to hear the truth. #twilightfanforever #teamedward
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 7, 2018 10:05 PM (UTC)

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School was closed yesterday to freezing cold temps so Karli had some friends over and they decided to play Sardines!! It’s a lot of fun to play when people play that don’t know our house and hiding spots real well. Later they played the ukulele and I caught them singing songs!! Of course they stopped once they seen me spying on them. I love having a house full of kids all the time...the more laughter the better! I also started filming some new videos for my channel! 〰️〰️ Link in Bio〰️〰️ #sardines #ofnmomdiary #momdiary #favoritemoments
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 7, 2018 1:23 AM (UTC)

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Rocking my granddaughter to sleep. She loves me ❤️
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 7, 2018 12:23 AM (UTC)

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Perfect Saturday night. Chipotle and a good book. My announcement for my Candiland book club video coming soon!! This is book #2 for January. #candilandbookclub #thelastmrsparrish #bookclub
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 6, 2018 10:05 PM (UTC)

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Karli just posted her kitty Q and A. And this was the thumbnail before we were done editing it. Notice anything strange?
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 6, 2018 7:14 PM (UTC)

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I've always thought Karli was beautiful...but now her perfect smile makes her even more beautiful. And it gives her the confidence to smile more than ever before! I seriously can not believe that wearing plastic retainers for 4 months can change your teeth like this! I am so happy we gave them a try before paying for braces. And really it wasn't about the money it was about all the time (appointments) that is involved with getting braces. And Karli's friends always seem to break their wires and such and end up in the orthodontist office a couple of times a month! This whole process was so easy and we didn't have to leave our house once! No regrets here. I would definitely recommend Smile Direct Club to anyone who needs just a slight adjustment to their teeth like Karli did. Watch the vlog for her before and after results and she shares her final thoughts on the whole process. 〰️〰️Link in Bio 〰️〰️ #dailyvlog#ofnmomdiary #momdiary #perfectsmile #betterthanbraces
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 6, 2018 1:33 AM (UTC)

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New video on Goals for 2018!! Link in my insta stories! Be sure to subscribe if you’re not already. 💝
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 5, 2018 9:21 PM (UTC)

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Who else was super tired their first day back to school after winter break? We were lucky enough to have a 2 hour delay as well because it is SO COLD here. I know not everyone is back in school yet though...which - lucky! And in other countries you are ending your summer break and are starting a new year of school. Good luck to those of you! It still blows my mind that Chase is a freshman and wrestling Varsity! I have yet to see him wrestle this year in person, every time it falls on a day that I am able to go something always happens. Crazy!! So now that we can travel anywhere in the world within a matter of minutes...where should we go next? Where would you travel to if you could leave immediately? Watch the vlog to see what in the world I am talking about! 〰️〰️Link in Bio〰️〰️ #dailyvlog #youtuber #ofnmomdiary #momdiary #lovemyjob #backtoschool #freezingcold #highschoolwrestling
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 4, 2018 8:14 PM (UTC)

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I always share with people how having a YouTube channel causes us to do strange things that we normally wouldn't do. I mean who buys a remote control pile of poop to entertain themselves with? I bought it to entertain the cats & dogs but I think the kids loved it even more. I left it upstairs in the hallway and I have already heard both Andrew and Blake playing with it randomly throughout the day. I really do have some great kids...I have to remind myself of that some days. Later at night when Karli was up in her room filming a video for her channel which she has done 3 days in a row now so she can get ahead for her channel, Ken mentioned how she really does work so hard. People don't think it's "work", but it is. Even though it's fun, it's still work. Forget calling my kids great...they are AMAZING. So yeah, Chase spent all of his Christmas money and I wasn't even with him to help him decide what to buy and not to buy, good for him!!! It's takes him FOREVER to decide what to buy when it's his own money. He was probably just showing off for Asha, haha!! 〰️〰️ Link In Bio 〰️〰️#dailyvlog #ofnmomdiary #amazingkids #luckymom #ofn
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 3, 2018 10:26 PM (UTC)

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Why oh why does Karli say that she wants to be a Dentist or Dental Assistant when she grows up when she CLEARY has the skills for interior decorating. She once again changed things up in her bedroom! I offered to get her a new black and white comforter but she likes it how it is for right now.
We also took down our Christmas decorations and trees and now my house looks so bare! It’s okay though, it will give me something to do this winter. I look forward to adding some of my style to my living room! 〰️〰️Link in Bio〰️〰️ #dailyvlogs #ofnmomdiary #momdiary #bedroomdecor #teenbedroom
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 3, 2018 12:26 AM (UTC)

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Was anyone else reading The Kind Worth Killing? Should I do a book review (on Candiland) or wait until some of you have finished reading it? Or wait until I have read like 2-3 books and do a book review video that way? Let me know your thoughts. #bookworm #thekindworthkilling #bookreview
User Image ourfamilynest Posted: Jan 2, 2018 8:45 PM (UTC)

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One of the few traditions we have for Winter Break is going bowling with the whole family. I was happy that we were all able to fit it into our schedule this year. As the kids get older it becomes quite the challenge. Of course we are AMAZING at bowling and all scored under 100 except for Ken and Blake. What family traditions do you have during winter break? We usually go to the zoo Christmas Lights too but it has been freezing this year. And mommy sidenote: I get a little emotional when I edit these videos because I know time is ticking away much too quickly and we won’t be able to continue these traditions forever and ever. Or who knows. Maybe someday we will all get together, grandkids and all and bowl during Christmas break. That would be amazing. 〰️〰️Link in Bio〰️〰️ #dailyvlog #ofnmomdiary #momdiary #familybowling #familytradition #winterbreak